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So i purchased starbound WAYYY back, before it really exploded on youtube. I played the game when the OG mechs were in the game and i have loved this beautiful game for years, along with seing it grow. I can only say this about a few games, but i really feel like a part of this game. I have played with mods, without them. Messed about in admin creating planet sized colonies and defeated certain tentacle monsters of the same proportion in singleplayer. I have had dozens of hours of fun with my friends in multiplayer, leveling up my pets (when that was a thing) and fighting over hats, raiding dungeons and completing challenge rooms. Starbound is a game you REALLY have to play, one i would strongly reccomend, if you have friends to play with or not. Casuals and Vets alike can enjoy Starbound and i salute it for its advanced simplicity.

For you skrubs that really need a defining rating for this simplistic masterpiece
i would be lying to myself if i didnt say 11/10.

also soda is pretty cool
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