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The Teutonic Order, fuelled by a need to redeem their souls through conquest, has grown into an unrivalled military power on the shores of the Baltic. Their religious fervour comes at a great cost to the lives of their pagan and Orthodox neighbours, but even their fellow Catholics are not exempt. They war with many and are trusted by none.

Poland looks on with fear, concerned where the fervent expansion of the Order will take them next and when they will turn their greedy gaze to Poland. The Orthodox people of Novgorod, always mindful of the atrocities they suffered during the Order’s failed attempt on their great city, stand strong and ready for further assaults. Denmark remains neutral, but grows wary of the Order’s presence in the Baltic and watchful of their increased interest in trade. The Holy Roman Empire watches the Order’s actions like a proud parent, but the knights are forging their own great empire.

It is the pagans of Lithuania, however, that feel the full force of the Order’s zeal and the sting of their swords. Hunting pagans has become almost a sport with so-called “Crusaders” flocking in from the West to kill their share.

The Order’s might comes from its knights, whose skills are unmatched by any in these lands. However, men of this quality are in short measure and must not fall at the hand of a peasant’s crossbow. For the Order to succeed, they must forge their own great empire by whatever means necessary – conquest, conversion, or extermination.

"Real knighthood does not only know the time-bound form of swordplay, which has passed;
the actual composure of chivalrous men is rather expressed in their commitment for the
Lord's kingdom, for protecting the defenceless, for helping the maltreated, those beset,
the condemned and those in need." It is the pronounced goal of the Knights, Brothers and
Sisters of the German Order to jointly implement this composure, abiding by the Order's
motto "Helping and Healing"
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