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Enderkatze Mar 24 @ 3:40pm 
Do I have to Google that now?
Yes,yes I do.
I suppose I'll do so,then.
Meh,it's your Decision.I'll just backdate the Game then,let you go on,do what you do.

This sounds alot more like I'm trying to make you feel guilty than it should.
Least we got that done.
I'll tell the People asking for Updates on the Workshop.
Have a nice night.
Storm_Epidemic Mar 24 @ 2:07pm 
@Enderkatze If you'd like to play Ireland, simply backdate the game.
Enderkatze Mar 24 @ 1:08pm 
Storm_Epidemic,you are currently online,thus you must have read our Comments.Please Respond to us,just a Simple 'Yes,I'm working on it' or a 'No,I'm not working on it' would suffice!
Enderkatze Mar 23 @ 1:21pm 
Oh,by the way,If you need any Help Locating Missing Textures and Such,I'd gladly Sacrifice my Time ^^
Enderkatze Mar 23 @ 1:18pm 
I know you've been hearing about the the Ireland Bundles and how People want you to update it ALOT,but,when entire Buildings are missing,I'd say It's rather Important.
Kind Regards,Enderkatze and everybody else who still plays Ireland :)
Thenetherstar66™ Mar 22 @ 4:19pm 
Sorry for bugging you put are you working on ireland bundles