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Personal Achievements

Now that's fast!

Spend less than a minute on a mini-game

Skips aren't for us

Complete three mini-games in a row without a skip


Complete all mini-games without a single skip

Eagle eye

Spend less than a minute on a hidden object scene

Triple strike

Find three items in three seconds


Complete three hidden object scenes without hints

Right on target

Make less than five mistakes in a hidden object scene

No help needed

Complete all hidden object scenes without hints

Through time

Go through the portal

Face to face

Encounter the beast

Upper hand

Overcome the beast


Free the priest from the Mayan tribe

Time traveler

Visit all worlds

All secrets unveiled

Complete the bonus level

First step

Insert the first seal into the gate

On the right track

Insert three seals into the gate


Complete the game (Expert mode)


Unlock all achievements


Find the first letter from grandpa


Find all the letters from grandpa