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grind to 6k hours in gmod ttt

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Click above to listen to my jam. Here's some stuff about me I guess
◇About Me◇
-Why Pingu? It was by far one of my favorite TV shows growing up and it ended up being part of my first Minecraft username, so eventually when I got around to steam it was just natural to use Pingu as I had grown used to being called it. noot noot.
-Birthday is on May 16th
-World of Tanks will always be my favorite game and it sparked my interest in tanks
-I'm normally on most of the weekend and in the afternoon Monday - Friday
-I've been surrounded by cars my whole life and they fascinate me, I'm not too knowledgeable about how exactly everything works, but I still have a passion for them regardless. I just can't see myself without them as a major influence.
-Recently I've gotten into using paint to make cool edits of pictures I have taken. Every recent pfp I have had was created from a picture I took and I find it fun to see how far I can take them. Every day I find new things out and can apply them into the images. If you would ever like me to do one for you I would be more than happy to create any personalized profile picture.
-I like to listen to music a bunch. Basically whenever I get on I am either listening to music or talking to someone. I tend to listen to more rap but I have a wide range of stuff I listen to. From Eminem to T swizzle. I'd say iann dior and machine gun kelly are my go to artists rn.
◇League of Legends◇
-Level 299 as of 11/4/2020
-Gold 3
-Fun game tbh even if I'm garbo

- I am currently a Gold Nova 2 with a whopping 510 competitive wins
-I don't play this much anymore but it sure was fun while it lasted

◇Garry's Mod◇

wasting your life on 16 year old video game go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I've been apart of a lot of TTT communities and really don't play much else.
-Former Manager Of Outerspace Gaming TTT
-Former Admin and Moderator of Everest Gaming TTT
-Former Moderator and Head Admin of BMS Gaming TTT
-Former High Admin of Allied Gaming TTT
-Former Administrator on Carbon Castles TTT
-Former Trial Admin on GFL Rotation
-Trial Admin on GFL Minecraft

heads go byebye just like my dad in 2009

◇Console Stuff◇
IGN: Paghini Zonda

◇World of Tanks Console◇
-Been playing since the beta in 2014
Currently in Garage...
-Locust (fast as **** boi)
-Churchill I/Churchill VII (Churchill I is great, VII is garbage)
-Panther II (Grinding) (pretty good)
-VK.100.01 P (Mini Maus ft. Cupola weakspot)
-Maushen (what an atrocious thing)
-AMX 30 (Has to be the best tier 9 medium)
-AMX 30 B (not as great tier for tier as the 30)
-AMX 40 (Only for the memes)
-Object 263 (1 MoE) (R a m m i n g S p e e d)
-Object 277 (braindead...)
-T57 Heavy (1 MoE) (Most played tier 10. 900k exp)
-Conqueror (2 MoE) (Like this way better than the Cheiftan)
-Cheiftan Mk. 6 (dont like, just too bland)
-FV215b (1 MoE) (I don't know why but I don't use this too much but it good)
-Object 268 (Overall pretty good)
-M55/M53 (Re-bought only for the AP memes)
-T92 (1 MoE) (M53/M55 is definitly better)
-AMX CDC (1 MoE) (Used for credit grinding)
-IS-7 (meh)
-Hetzer - With troll package -
-T-10 (2 MoE) (Will always have a place in my heart)
-ISU-152 (2 MoE) (T r o l l C a n n o n)
All time Favorite: Object 263

◇Halo 4 and Reach◇
-Brigadier 3 in Reach
-Level 130 in 4

-Level 153 on main.
-2820 SR Platinum

◇Destiny 2◇
-Level 20
-256 light
◇Yes, I play on a laptop◇
-Dell G3 15

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