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Posted: Aug 2, 2017 @ 2:31am
Updated: Aug 8, 2017 @ 4:15am

I'd really like to write a review for this game - I thought quite long on making a list of pros and cons, things I liked, how much deep this game is... truth is, if you don't really open your mind and do your best to understand all the ideas and concepts behind this game, all the philosophy, all the poetry, this game to you will look like a "Nice indie for 5-6$".

For me it is priceless.
Literally, I spent 15€, would pay 100€, will never pay enough. So I'll try to make you understand why you can't live without buying this game with simple sentences and facts.

Your brain before the game -> . Your brain after the game -> O
Your happiness before the game -> . Your happiness after the game -> O
Your fears before the game -> O Your fears after the game ->

This game is all about the deepest form of philosophy and poetry, and you'll never get the tiniest fraction of it if you don't understand and enjoy it. I literally red dozens and dozens of time reading every single dialogue, poem, enjoying the setting, loving the characters. I've never seen myself so reflected in every aspect of the game - but that's exactly the point of it: you, me, everything, nothing, all of it exist, all of it doesn't, all of it is reality and illusion.
Believe me, I'm not some kind of hipster who decant the poetry of a ♥♥♥♥ on a sidewalk. I'm an artist myself, so maybe it's because of that, that I can recognize a good piece of art. And "This Strange Realm Of Mine" is a masterpiece.

I really can't explain this game, I watched a little piece of gameplay and the trailers and I had a good feeling about it, I made myself an idea about it and about what it was about (sorry for the "about" load), but when I played it, my mind was ♥♥♥♥ing blown. I'd really like to meet the developers, because this game is so innovative, original, successfull in every aspect, that not only it's clearly made by great, great artists, but it's so full of deepness, that these persons are also clearly so sensible, intelligent, beautiful, and I admire them so much. I love them, honestly.

I swear, I was in a bad, bad period of my life. I woke up angry. I lived my day angry. I went to sleep angry. I even dreamt angry, I suppose. This night I stopped playing the game at 3.30AM, I wanted to finish it but I did it this morning because it was so badly late (actually, it was almost completed). Then I went to bathroom because I had a bad case of diarrhea. A wasp then came in my room buzzing on my face and I literally spent one hour playing peek-a-boo with her, and she won. It's now late morning and I still don't know where she hide. I didn't get angry at all. I slept well, and I dreamt about my grandma, one of my brothers and Rat (you'll know her inside the game, absolutely my favourite character), all together near a dark sea (I'm afraid of the sea) in a car trip, with savage shores, red menacing light, sickness, dangers. I'm not going to tell about it completely - also because my dreams are sooo complex and their logic is truly distant from the one we experience when we're awake. But I love that dream, even if it wasn't perfect in its content and events.

That is what the game is about. I feel so good now. My mind is more open than ever. I've played a beautiful piece of art. And all of that for 15 ♥♥♥♥ing euros. I don't even know if and when I would have felt better if I hadn't played it.

Anyway, you're maybe interested in a more pragmatic review, even if, as I already said, you're not going to get anything from the game if you don't open your mind and you don't think about its content.
In that case, here the great and respected "pros&cons" list for you:


- A couple (literally) of typo
- Nothing else. Really, I haven't encountered problems/bugs/disappointments of any kind within this game


- There's not A LOT of shooting, but when there is, it's funny
- Puzzles and challenges aren't too hard, but I liked them, they weren't always too simple, and their difficulty match with the type of content and message the game wants to bring. This is not a "4 hardcore gamerz" game, absolutely. It's not what's the game is about.
- I loved the graphic. Simple, sometimes a little bit "clumsy" (it's pretty clear it depends on the experience of the developers, so nothing to say about it), but really pleasing and with appreciated artistic choices. Very very atsmospheric
- If you make the gesture of shooting yourself when you hear the word "poetry", you'll enjoy it anyway. Believe me, I am one of these.
- The characters are great. You'll miss them, seriously.
- Rat new waifu forever. Never thought some sort of punk rat (literally) could become a waifu (I'm not even a waifu guy), but I just fell in love with her poetry. So I suppose, irl, I fell in love with whoever wrote it. I'm actually heterosexual, but it's interesting seeing the sex barrier coming down and realizing I could really ♥♥♥♥ing kiss the guy who wrote these poems. Oh well, anyway I think Rat's pretty cute and has lovely, sweet eyes.
- The gameplay is so original, unique, varied. Experimental gameplays often ♥♥♥♥s up, that's a fact. Indie games are generally more content-aware also because of the inability to have a AAA graphic, and that they're generally more inspired, and aren't made in the "We-must-sell" viewpoint. And sometimes they go terribly wrong. This game goes terribly right.
- The game is a unique experience. You really should try.
- Almost forgot, beautiful music. Really loved it, seriously.
- The game will blow up your mind. I'm incredibly open minded, believe me, and I really think a lot (too much maybe, you'll see a big piece of myself inside Brave, another character you'll like and reflect with), and I'm also pretty intelligent, but that game brang me conclusions and ideas I really never thought of. Amazing.
- It' worth your ♥♥♥♥ing 15€/20$ whatever it is. Art is priceless, most of all in its purest forms. Being an artist myself, I put a price on my work, based on experience, fame, skill, complexity... truth is, conceptually art still priceless. And this game is 100%.
- Believe me, if you LIVE this game, it'll make you happy. It'll help you a lot. But this depends on you.
- Big replayability (hope I've written this one correctly). I expected (also from a review saying literally "Choices matter") that the game would have multiple endings. But I did not expect it had so much endings (you'll see how much they are at the end of the game, I finished it only one time until now). The idea of playing and playing again is a big part of the game, and also the fact that you don't know how to go toward and ending or another. And that's the best part: every action, every decision is literally judged in a "verdict" you'll read at the end of the game. But most of the times you won't know exactly when these actions took place or what you did wrong/right. And you're not even obliged to read the verdict. This game is just so amazing in every aspect. But as I said, you have to play it to understand.


For once, I won't be rambling.
The game's great. The concept's great. The gameplay's great. Everything is so original and unique. This truly is art.

Thank you to everyone who partecipated to this project, thank you for bringing this beautiful piece of art to us and sharing it. It was a beautiful journey, it helped me a lot, it inspired me so much, it opened my mind even further, it brang new amazing ideas and concepts to my life.

Thank you.

P.s. for the developers: I'm looking for you on Artstation, or at least DA. You gained a huge follower. Thanks one more time for This Strange Realm Of Mine.

EDIT: The developer (yes, he's just ONE guy) is so cute that he shared this review on his blog, that I found and started to follow shortly after having written this review. Love you man, I wish you great things!
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