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I think im a stalker now.. welp
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Name: Luis (silly)

i like sonic

and i like living

and im not EDGY

and my friend is hallow

and i like dogs

my favorite ice cream is vanilla and chocolate

im a boy
(but i want to dress like a girl for some reason , no homo c::::::::::::::::::)

i think i imagine some persons like if they were my friends , but they are not , and i go crazy

i am mexican

i dont know how to do this list

i do the funny scream
Luis May 12 @ 4:58pm 
thats true (besides the thicc one)

Hallow May 12 @ 1:14pm 
he quicc
he thicc
But most importantly
he stalcc
Dark Alier 💀 May 10 @ 3:11pm 
good boi
ѕυғғocαтιoɴ May 10 @ 10:33am 
*pets you* Good pet ^-^
Luis Apr 8 @ 1:23pm 
Imouto~san Vexill Apr 8 @ 12:47pm 
*Pets you*