CAW Agent Niko
New York, United States
Let me guess, you are here because i camped/ tunneled/ had shitty internet, and you wanted to type a comment calling me a faggot or something, right? If that is why you are here, then go ahead. Make yourself look like an asshole. If that isnt the reason, then welcome to my profile. If you want to add me, make sure you tell me why please. I usually play lots of dead by daylight, but i am mostly free whenever im online.
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MegaBombshell23 Nov 14 @ 5:04pm 
BigBrainVxyen.TTV Oct 25 @ 6:00pm 
+Rep, fun match even if it was a perma Myers rip. Connection was iffy at times, but like you said, that's p2p for yah oof
CAW Agent Niko Oct 25 @ 5:59pm 
yeah we already established in the endgame chat that it was just bad internet, also glad you didnt see any of the other obvious giveaways that i only have bad internet, you know like my profile description, my entire comment section, the fact im still playing this game without a ban, the fact literally everybody else agreed it was just bad internet. But hey dont let me stop you from saying stupid♥♥♥♥♥♥on the internet.
lag switcher rolf
TyrodiousX14 Oct 12 @ 4:34pm 
Only friends with this guy b/c his internet is so bad you can smell the McDonalds deepfriers.
CAW Agent Niko Oct 12 @ 3:27pm 
Ok so you basically admit that its bull and that i can actually flag it and get it taken down for making crap up about me. Either that or you are lying. Private profile doesnt really make sense when you are a youtuber.