New York, United States
Hello, this is my profile. I play way too much DBD for my own health, and I really like skittles. If you want to add me, sure, but please don't if you have zero interest in playing games together.

Profile picture done by this awesome dude, go check out his art
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OneEye May 5 @ 4:38pm 
sits at hooks on Deathslinger thinks he is good
CAWAgentNiko Apr 25 @ 5:31am 
and won :)
Chase me, Bitch Apr 25 @ 5:06am 
slugged on 4 gens
Ceó Hjort Apr 20 @ 5:35am 
Exactly, it is readable. And you saying 'you basically called him' is you trying to infer a meaning from what i said. You are presuming my stance instead of taking my words at face value. If i thought he had no life i'd simply say so, it's easier. Instead i made a comment about me not being active because i have a life. If you want to read more into that then go ahead, but it's wasted effort. I figure i'd clear my position simply because your comment made zero sense to me
CAWAgentNiko Apr 20 @ 5:04am 
You basically called him a no lifer by saying that. Bs I didn't pull it from nowhere, the thread is still readable.
Ceó Hjort Apr 20 @ 4:45am 
I legit didn't call you a no lifer. You are pulling this from no where. I said "Forgive my having a life" in response to me being questioned for a lack of activity