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Survive the Night

Survive your first night
1 / 1

Survive 2 Nights

Survive 2 nights without dying
2 / 2

Survive 3 Nights

Survive 3 nights without dying
3 / 3

Survive 4 Nights

Survive 4 nights without dying
4 / 4

Survive 5 Nights

Survive 5 nights without dying
5 / 5

Survive 10 Nights

Survive 10 nights without dying
10 / 10

Survive 15 Nights

Survive 15 nights without dying
15 / 15

Survive 20 Nights

Survive 20 nights without dying
20 / 20

Survive 25 Nights

Survive 25 nights without dying
25 / 25

Survive 30 Nights

Survive 30 nights without dying
30 / 30

Survive 40 Nights

Survive 40 nights without dying
40 / 40

Survive 50 Nights

Survive 50 nights without dying
50 / 50

Survive 75 Nights

Survive 75 nights without dying
75 / 75

Survive 100 Nights

Survive 100 nights without dying
100 / 100

No. 1 Priority

You soon will notice a dry mouth. No, you are not infected but you are getting thirsty. Find yourself something to drink to stop dehydration.

Mans Red Flower

Your first night will be very cold. A fire is needed to keep yourself warm and to keep predators at a distance.

Say no to Diaria

There is sickness everywhere. Boil water to prevent diaria. You don't want to be sick in the apocalypse.

Five star survival

Raw meat can make you very sick. A fire is needed to cook your food. By doing this, you lower the risk of getting sick.

Armed and dangerous

Get a weapon of any kind

Hounds of the hunt

Kill an animal

The great hoard

Carrying too many items will slow you down. Store your items in containers. This will make you lighter and quicker.


Fell your first tree


Lay a trap

Its an ugly bussiness

Kill your first zombie
0 / 1

Kill 10 Zombies

Kill 10 Zombies
0 / 10

Kill 50 Zombies

Kill 50 Zombies
0 / 50

Kill 100 Zombies

Kill 100 Zombies
0 / 100

Kill 250 Zombies

Kill 250 Zombies
0 / 250

Kill 500 Zombies

Kill 500 Zombies
0 / 500

Kill 2000 Zombies

Kill 2000 Zombies
0 / 2,000

Kill 2500 Zombies

Kill 2500 Zombies
0 / 2,500

Kill 5000 Zombies

Kill 5000 Zombies
0 / 5,000

Kill 10000 Zombies

Kill 10000 Zombies
0 / 10,000

Kill 666 Zombies

Kill 666 Zombies
0 / 666

Locked and loaded

Get your first gun with matching ammo


Get a vehicle started

Mr. Clean

Use a cleaning kit

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Cook a chicken

Don't get addicted

Use medication

Didn't hit your thumb

Nailed up your first plank

It's Just A Scratch

Get bitten by a zombie


Get killed by a tree


Kill 10 zombies with only bare hands

That's going to leave a mark

Die from fall damage

Cuckoo's nest

Receive a negative mental health stat

Handy man

Put together your first item.

Gonna regret that

Drink dirty water

Take a sip

Drink water for the first time

Baby dont hertz me

Player turns on the electricity

Let there be light!

Player turns on the lights

Looters will be shot

Player looted his first container

Sleeping like a log

Player logged of at his first bed

5 more minutes...

Getting back to where you logged off is key. You can do so by logging off at a safe log off point. Beds, sleeping bags and tents are safe log off points.


Player dies for the first time

Santa aint welcome

Have a trap kill someone in a house in the winter

Well, well, well

Got water out of a water well

Where is that hot chocolate

Light a fire in the winter

Apocalyptic delicacy

Eat rancid food

Welcome to Black island

How many nights will you survive?

Oh dear Bambi

Kill a stag

Seems a bit... overkill

Kill a chicken with a bear trap


Kill a zombie with a bear trap

I mean, it ain't Mozart...

Play the piano for the first time

Get used to it

Your stomach will soon feel uneasy and make noise. No, you are not sick but you are getting hungry. Find yourself something to eat to stop your hunger.

Lived a healthy day

Pay attention to your calorie intake. Don’t ignore it! It could kill you. Manage your calories by eating food.