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"Steam mods" are hereby defined of individuals who have a steam account and have moderator powers regardless of status ie community moderator, official moderator/valve employee. Profiles of "Steam mods" will be blocked on sight. Should any Steam mods/"moral hackers" circumvent this ban and use their moderator powers to establish contact a complaint will be made under the 2013 Computer Misuse Act.

Friend requests will only be accepted under the following conditions:
Your Steam level is at least 20
You have been a member of Steam for at least five years
Friend requests from Steam mods will not be accepted under any circumstances.
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GoodEvilArchangel Mar 10 @ 6:42pm 
Welcome! :steamhappy:

As I serve Good and Evil, I've patience to forgive anything, except If I sense Syndrome of Good (use Evil and pretend only Good), then prepare for Worst from Me!

Have Best and Worst Day for High Motivation as I want for Myself!