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In all honesty, Counter Strike would be a great, first person shooter that relies on team tactics (which for the most part, it is), but the somewhat "toxic" community make it so hard to play a single game. You'll get some great games, but if you play comp and are always teamed up with a team of complete trolls, be prepared. If you want to get in to competitive, I warn you, have Prime Matchmaking and be sure to create a good team to play with for the most part.

In terms of gameplay the game is a great first person shooter with some great mechanics. It relies heavily on team tactics and lots of planning and making stratergies to play as a terrorist and plant a bomb and not let me other team defuse it, or play as a counter-terrorist who is the guy who needs to defuse the bomb and not let the terrorists get in the way of it. Standard team vs team fps. Standard shooting, feels nice. Before playing the game though, I do recommend watching some videos about some tips on how to play the game, if you don't have any experience with PC first person shooters.

Graphically, it looks quite nice and should work on most computers pretty smoothly, but I do need to recommend that if you don't have a "top-notch" system, then keep graphical settings on low for best performance, which you will need! Make sure you have a good connection, and refrain from playing on foreign servers, especially when playing competitve because you can not afford lag in this game. A lot of people have experinced lag during a comp game, and it's really not worth it.

If you are returning to the Counter Strike series, ready to play the latest (but certainly not new) intallment in the game, or am just getting in to first person shooters, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is certainly a well done game that is constantly being updated. Gameplay is funa dn feels nice, but if you're looking for a game without a oftentimes toxic community, then make sure you're prepared. It's a great game otherwise and have had a lot of fun with it so far!
Posted March 1, 2017.
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Man, this game is just so bad, but there's no denying it's extremely fun. It's a decent hack and slash with a great comic feel, and it's just awesome to pull off combo after combo on huge waves of zombies, but the story and everything is plain dreadful. It's dumb, crazy, got a stupid plot and all, but it does ensue for heaps of fun and mayhem if you pick this game up really cheap. It's not for you if you're looking for a proper Ninja Gaiden game, but it's certainly for you if you're in to the hack and slash genre, like badass cyborg ninjas, zombies, explosions, blood, gore and choppas! It is such a dumb game, but it's action packed and full of humor and you will get to pick up missiles in mid air and throw them at helicopters. The camera is bad, story is bad, dialogue is bad, characters are bad, AI is dumb, but the gameplay is regretfully fun. Once you complete this game, it will get you thinking what the hell you're doing with your life. 5/10
Posted February 10, 2017.
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I wish I could give this game a good review, but I'd be lying if I did. Homefront: The Revolution is a game with some cool, fresh concepts that would only be good, if the rest of the game wasn't an absolute mess. It's one of the most poorly optomized, glitchy, and overall boring open-world first person shooter, full of bugs and a pretty awful campaign. The game has some cool ideas that would be great if the game wasn't the way it is, however even then, it's just more of a novelty than actually being a useful concept. The shooting feels alright, gameplay is ok, graphics are nice, atmosphere is pretty good, but the story is bad and there's so much wasted potential of what could've been a good game. What a dissapointment of a game. I was so excited to play this game and all it did was steal my money and give me a huge punch to the face. Even if you got this game dirt cheap, it's not worth the hassle trying to spend hours to getting it to work right, then just saying screw it and uninstalling it. Wish I was still eligable for a refund. 5/10
Posted February 4, 2017.
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Love this game. Bought multiple copies and gave it to my friends who have useless computers so we could play. Standard yet pretty addictive gameplay and full of customization. Characters, weapons, maps, you get to make them all Minecraft style with just blocks. In terms of gameplay, for a game like this there's not heaps expected, but honestly it's a nice fps considering. Usually find games within a few seconds and it takes no time to join them. Really it's a nice game for $5, but even better when its 99c on sale or like 4 copies for $2. I know we all have the issue, friend has a useless old laptop and can barely play anything, and trust me, this game is absolutely perfect. Super cheap, fun to play and surprisingly find games quickly.
Posted February 1, 2017.
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Shadow Warrior is hands down, awesome. Playing as a super badass ninja dude using super badass weapons, slicing super badass enemies while throwing super badass one-liners while taking a blow with a katana. What did I forget to mention? A Viscera Cleanup Detail Standalone Shadow Warrior Game that comes automatically with the game? All the fireworks? The huge-ass line of crazy weapons available? The crazy addictive gameplay? Lo Wang? Boss battles? All the nostalgic moments? All the explosions? All the...... Ehm.....bunny rabbits? THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!! This game ensues an absolute blast!!! Fun. fun, more fun, JUST PURE MAYHEM!!!!! If you get this game in a bundle or at a cheap price....well then, you're in for a treat baby!

Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: Fantastic, but does it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ matter!?
Mayhem: 10/10

This game equals overall a 10/10 for being blatantly badass.
Posted October 13, 2016. Last edited October 13, 2016.
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Step 1. Take every puzzle game ever, every sci-fi game ever and every physics game ever.
Step 2. Put all of them into a trash compactor and squash them into a big compacted cube.
Step 3. Bring the cube to a donut factory and glaze it with that sweet goodness.
Step 4. Take the glazed cube to a freakin wizard who will give the block magical properties.
Step 5. On that though, screw that, grab every magic potion you can find in his lair and drench the hell out of it.
Step 6. Sprinke sugar, spice and everything nice.
Step 7. Now, launch the cube in a space shuttle and send it on a space voyage to JUPITER!!
Step 8. Let the cube experience the inside and outs, ups and downs of all humanity's existence.
Step 9. After letting it experiencing life, let it take advantage of everything it now knows.
Step 10. The magical glazed cube them transforms itself into a magical pegasus and arises into the sky.
Step 11. Give the cube the sacred gifts of cake, a bubble blower and a lazer cannon.
Step 12. Bow down to the new ruler of the sky and now, every puzzle/physics game in existance.
Step 13. Vuala, you got Portal 2.
Posted September 29, 2016.
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WildStar is hands-down, amazing, A sci-fi MMO set in a unique, crazy, creative sci-fi world. Whether it's riding a hoverboard, smashing bosses faces in, exploring the vast, expansive universe or plainly just screwing around and having some casual fun, this game is great. It has so much, well, character to it. It's an extremely creative idea, and for me, well excecutes the MMORPG genre. For any sci-fi fans, let along MMORPG fans, this game is an absolute gem. 10/10
Posted September 27, 2016.
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Call of Duty: Ghosts is the 10th installment in in the main Call of Duty series (excluding spin-offs). The game has recieved tons upon tons of critisism, and I understand where people are coming from. I personally got the game for $5 AU ($3.50 US) and, I played it and thought the campaign was alright. With some over-the-top action sequences even in outer-space or under water, it makes it a quite cinematic experience, however these levels only last a few minutes each. The rest of the game is decent, however, dull and repetitive. Most of the game is literally just a bland shooting-box with no character. For the price I payed however, it was alright. For new-comers to the series, I don't recommend starting on this game, as for most long-time Call of Duty fans (like myself), this was an easily forgetable game in general. For other long-time Call of Duty fans however, if you haven't played this game (most have, however), I do not recommend it. If you are just buying this game casually to play in your spare time, I say, if you buy it for as much as I did, GO FOR IT! It offers overall some pretty good gameplay, even while repetitive. The story of this game however, is so boring. While a couple of interesting plot-lines, most of it is just boring with a really dissapointing ending. If you're looking for some good Call of Duty Multiplayer, while still a pretty decent community playing, the multiplayer is horrible, not in terms of gameplay, but I'll explain why. The maps in this game, ARE WAY TOO BIG! You will get lost. Lost and stuck. Lost and stuck with hackers. It's dreadful. There is no sense of direction at all, whatsoever. Mulitiplayer however is fun, if you are just getting it to stuff around and be silly with it (eg, troll, smurf, etc. None of which I have interest in however). The game in a nutshell isn't horrible. For a spare time, fun. For a new-comer, ok. For a long-timer, disease. It really depends on what you're into and how long you've been playing for.

Graphics: 7/10
Audio: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Campaign: 7/10
Multiplayer: 5/10
Gameplay Experience: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10
Posted September 16, 2016. Last edited September 16, 2016.
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This game is great fun. A rogue-like, perma-death, procedurally generated, polygonal first-person shooter. You start off with a very limited amount of ammo, shoot monster things that pop up from the ground, pick your bullets back up and reuse them. It's a clever concept and is a blast if you get it on sale. 8/10 from me.
Posted August 30, 2016.
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This game is sooooo much fun. Throwing dodgeballs at other robots on a dance floor with colourful, flashing lights and THE BEST SOUNDTRACK IN ANY GAME IN EXCISTANCE!! This game is AMAZING online, single-player or local co-op. 9/10
Posted August 29, 2016.
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