Bohemian Blackcat   Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States
"Dont rock the boat if you ain't prepared for the gators below..."
- Afrokitsune

" Without some salt how can one get the suger"

My quote:
"There is no such thing as an ultimate warrior, its the warrior that knows their limits and is highly prepared and trained, and ready to die under the surcumstance he maybe put under is what makes him great" -Afrokitsune

Plz read before u send friend request
#1: Randomness is accepted, somewhat but if am not there for the randomness you are out of luck
#2: You gotta have some sense of humor and understand it damn it!
#3: If you are a artist in hand drawing you shall be favored to the highest degree for i love drawing and those that practice it.
#4: I hate scammers and people with no patience
Recommended anime:
Black Lagoon
Black dynamite
Samurai Champloo
My Battle Quotes: Read if u want

"Deception, Interception and overall readiness are the three main assets you find in all war"- Afrokitsune

"Among any chaos can lie a hidden pattern"

"Eras talk of powerful dragons ruling the world but it is the powerless fawn that rule the world in the end"

"Master your gun as well as u master your sword for the bullet is not what kills the man but his will too"

"The more blood that is spilled on the battlefield only shows that you and your enemy is becoming stronger no matter how much you may or may not like it"

"Skill is the representation of how well tuned your mind and body are"

"Discipline, High Instinct, and Intuition are what make elite warriors"

"Teamwork and constant awareness are the key to all things"

"Most enemy attacks are ambushes, traps or surprise attacks, the only time a full frontal happens is when they got something huge so being prepared is the only way to ensure survival"

"Even though if your just a beginner your creativity and quick thinking can show up elites"

"Speed and skill can out manuver power but if u dont have that then just set an ambush"

"Leave yourself open in a firefight or in CQC could mean your end, basically make sure your safe first bud"

"Little sacrifice could go a long way"

"Its better to fight smart than fight hard, but if u fight smart u end up fighting hard in the process"

"warfare is not fair, so use the advantage"

"If you dont have training or have been trained, experience is the next best thing"
"Within your failures you will find success"
"Experience is the best teacher"
"learn from your losses, or someone elses"
" Training was suppose to come from those with experience, then does that show that those who are trained suppass those who had experience"

"A warriors tools pushes his to maximum effiencty and skill, if he chooses not to use them he limits only himself"

"As mist becomes one it becomes water, when heat comes in contact with water it becomes mist once again, such change is also the change of a warriors heart in battle, to those whos heart is like water will be ready for any situation" -Afrokitsune

"Do one thing long enough and the knowlegde from the experience then be comes skill"
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