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r0ck Aug 1 @ 9:24am 
Pot of Greed is an infamous card from the popular trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh, which allows the user to draw 2 more cards from their deck and add them to their hand. Online, the card has gained notoriety due the fact that the anime series explains the card's function every time is used, inspiring several jokes regarding not knowing its effect, mostly under the question "But what does pot of greed do?"
r0ck Jun 2 @ 4:59pm 
Gay Potatoes!!!
Once upon a cabbage before tacos bribed the hotel chimpanzees ate boats. So many in fact, that all the cried for 10 of years. One day, a lackluster man decided to spike the. He brought his simple dirt and pillows and ran to the mushroom kingdom of the bridge. Unfortunately, a circus spotted his baseball and slowly crept toward the scythe. It screamed FIRE!! and bit his frame. Luckily, his lens was metal, so he felt no land mine. He grabbed his magical phones and threw them at the mustache. This gave the influenza and roasted all of the baked of around the my mom's basement.

The End!
meh Apr 21 @ 5:44pm 
Copypastas aren't so great? Are you kidding me? When's the last time you saw so much creativity and intelligent thought in one place? Copypastas are ART, and we will be blessed if we see something so beautiful and intelligent ever again. You can stick to your silly little "memes" and juuls and fortnite; I prefer the copypasta.
r0ck Apr 21 @ 12:29pm 
Copypastas are stupid. You are literally just stealing someone else's genius thoughts and reposting them because you can't come up with your own. You are all followers, I'm a leader, I am elite. You are below me. While you are sitting around, jerking off to your favourite 4 year old hentai character, I'm creating godly literature that you will surely copy in hopes of being like me.
kooljames2009 Jan 17 @ 7:07pm 
ur not King Kang i am
kooljames2009 Jan 17 @ 7:07pm 
ha u thot u knew history kiddo i am history boyo. if u like history y dont u reaserch me breh? oh wait im to kewl for googs ha(hahaha) u beetter use duckduckgo. im a real king not a inscest child. im as pure as the aryan race, who do u think u r to step on meh tereretory houh? sorry kiddo theres only enough room for one Kang on the block.:triggered::triggered::triggered: