Spiritual Pollution
✨can't trust a big butt and a gemini✨
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Jayumi Jun 12 @ 1:23pm 
LOLLLL, I forgot that I had that game on my wish list :csdsmile: Thank you for the bday gift :8bitheart::healthyhearthling::luv::LIS_star::gachapon:
Jayumi Apr 8 @ 7:01pm 
Ahhhh, thank you again for DLC :8bitheart: Do they just come out with DLC's monthly??? LOL. Anyways, I'll try to catch up with all the coloring :') I just haven't had the time recently since it's my transfer year. Thanks again :LIS_pixel_heart:
Jayumi Mar 11 @ 4:28pm 
Thank you for the platformers pack!!! I didn't realize they were coming out with another DLC LOL. :csdsmile::8bitheart::LIS_pixel_heart::8bitheart::LIS_pixel_heart::8bitheart::LIS_pixel_heart::8bitheart::LIS_pixel_heart:
Jayumi Feb 3 @ 4:15am 
Omgggg, thank you for coloring pixels DLC's :LIS_pixel_heart:
//slash Dec 17, 2021 @ 7:07am 
CHASE ME <~~~~~
//slash Dec 2, 2021 @ 7:07pm 
but can you trust a smol butt, dolphin swimming otter? :P