Fighting Tamale
Hayden   Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
"One Nation, Under Tacos."
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Jeffery Eggstein 7 hours ago 
gimme da 5 y/o poosiiiiii
Mysterrrii Aug 13 @ 5:26pm 
claimed to be c3 and made waay too many mistakes.
Zxam <3 Aug 13 @ 5:02pm 
"im diamond 3 ff " myass lol he got faked out by a silver 3 4 times haha lol
Testiculator Jul 18 @ 2:47pm 
-rep he gets so salty in rocket league :D
Obi Mar 19 @ 9:13pm 
Hayden you there
SavePointThom Mar 17 @ 11:03pm 
really appreciate you leaving for no reason in the middle of a competitive match. <3