marmalewd ♥
Michael   Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
what's up, I've been playing tf2 for around 4 years (jinne), but nowadays it's mostly throwing in csgo with the rare occasion of feeding in dota. 6v6 tf2 is where it's at yo fam.
edit: nvm uni is easyn't
first year maths student @stellies

Previous old name: [gMz] Dr. MichaelSyndicate_

You were banned for 7 seconds from the server by "[Derado] Derado" (koppel)

RØYAL : Its nubs joining mixes :/
RØYAL : Dude a med can get more kills then me
Salt Cult | RØYAL : Obliv are you the guy that used to be on surf with me and wanderer?
RØYAL : Snky Wtf is wrong with traders, like you make so much fun of them but I don't rlly see why
Obliv : forget TED talks, Cage talks are the new thing
*DEAD* Royal : Okay, you can't kill me with skill so you go cancer and kill me NOICE
Chrome : butimonly12 has like a seperate keyboard for binds

sluiper : like there's not enough crap on youtube already

[SM] ADMIN: Kicked jair_alej22
jair_alej22 left the game (Expulsado por administrador)

Rōyal : Snky you just like wanderer

ʂƙყҽ : He has hacks, but he doesn't always use them so it's fine.

roses are red, krome is gay, is there even a class that he can play
Currently Online
♞ Mystery?: You need better binds.
Foxy the two tailed fox: i blame you for the ping on the surf server

benslug™: ...i swear im constantly checking my window for u

Foxy the pirate fox: rename me then i call admin aboose

Dr. Squid DavidSyndicate_™: Wuvs yew!


?UNKNOWN SURG3ON?: not now, not in front of the others

Foxy the two tailed fox: i dont want to be your personal cleaner syndicate...

Dynamatics!: you feel kwaai?

Obliv: while (Joe.IsAlive() == True) {Blu.IsDead = True}

Obliv: jump_granary

Obliv: They gave me free dick pics

Obliv: Nima, I'll bury my dick so deep in you that the first person to pull it out would be crowned the next king of England


Roadblockk: pick tevo, he is Verimark tested.

☚AnonymouX_001☛: myst then u pick dark then i pick fluff, obliv was a typo.

GrimAndy: that derado dude is so bad
♞ Derado changed name to ♞ Not Derado


SupaNovA: i pick the air

gX-Karma-: a dolphin fish is a derado

Joe: Best scout ZA: Syndicate

syndicunt: you a squirter?
gMzsyndkt. rip cs: yes
Syndiclit: yes
syndicunt: mmm
syndikak: ye
Syndeshit: yes
gMzsyndkt. rip cs: pls
SyndiCrap: NO
syndicunt: momma likes

Wally: so there we were, being called cunts by skillbill, we'd just lost our medic to DC

LaggyMiclessCod: What is pineapple spec and what does it taste like?

LaggyMiclessCooooood: ALARM panicBasket

Mr.Sir: he mub

*SPEC* Joe_^: rip tevo + gimlief
*DEAD* alien: rip
*DEAD* tevo #send me frag demos: :/
*SPEC* Joe_^: rip everyone
Potato Christmas: a story of fire and ice

Peter Parkour: inb4 alien airshots me and pops a 'sup.'

* Merry Christmas :) x changed name to [gMz] syndkt剣アート #newg
Caber of Catarina: g? girlfriend?
* [gMz] syndkt剣アート #newg changed name to [gMz] syndkt new guitar
Caber of Catarina: oh
Caber of Catarina: same thing

Joe^_: infamous > obliv

flow <8frag>: wallhacks.exe fluff

*censored* : I just smelled something familiar and it made me horny
ovet: ok
*censored* : reminded me of a dream
Player Obliv has joined the game
*censored* : I have to locate the source of the smell!
*censored* : I'll smell it while I masturbate
Obliv: WTF did i just join

TwinArmageddon: emerguyrd its a wild syndikt

edings: i have faith in u bae
edings: nuuu bae
edings: im sowwwi

Obliv: gets awesome pc, plays teeworlds :> scumbag Chase

Obliv: dick pic plz

sneaky// : syndct the hewo

sneaky// : dildos on fire

Tevo: Choo is an asian.

Forsaken: #Bumchumsgonnachumbums

4mation4ever: How to Hold W: feat. Slick
Macerator: How to get rekt by W ft. 4mat

Uglzpeep: dark and Saken you're gonna demo

*DEAD*(TEAM) Choo: nooo you failed me y you no heal
*DEAD*(TEAM) [African] Suicidal Fluff_ZA: U FAILED THIS FASTLANE!

Saken: I'll send you nudes

Tevo: My dick has ears.

Obliv: 'build an engineer' - tevo 2016

-♥-Cheesedᵗᵗ: ill go on top

Hyperthreaded overclocked spoon: #justtf2sathings

i have a huge lack of skill: my sniper cosplays derados sniper

˻˹Vujoo˺˼: if u get syndkt angry u will learn quick to stay in spawn

Dman: Syndicate is the scariest scout ive ever seen

stixz: that played out way cooler in my head

-♥-nickels: 'team' fortress

Osiris: this is so much better than that silly shiny overwatch thing


Saken: more like michael syndif*cked

Age on clock, 2 young for cock: noosting lul

Dman: Syndct hacks are better than mine tho

Lady Alison: hold on to your dick its gonna be flying off after im done

Lady Alison: can i get raped?

Lady Alison: Dman get raped so i can watch - im gonna watch like i watch porn

Foxy the two tailed: you have an all purpose hud den, like a pocket knife. can that hud cook breakfast too?
[gMz] drsyndct nosound: mhm
Foxy the two tailed: make me flapjacks then
[gMz] drsyndct nosound: kk, toppings?
Foxy the two tailed: syrup

Mehlin Squares: You overclocked your spoon? Damn
[notgMz] Foxy the two tailed: +3 breakfast speed

snky: Jono please do more damage

Crispy 'nl: sitpoes

Crispy 'nl: Tevo with the pipes of Jesus

Obliv - Can't access main: jkukes

Obliv: WTB Friends, 1 scrap/month

@LAN.SupaNovA: you know the other team is bad when chase is top scoring

Sevin: hitreg is a myth

tevo: trylard

Obliv: I will cut you

iren mon: Is the neighbourhood okay now, Cage?

snky: my 5 i5nt working wtf
snky: fuck you yndct
snky: thi i retarded what i thi

Alphabet: Dorado2shit

69 (No Sound): and my penis too big

edings: whoop whoop new gen nubs

CoZZa: the STD comes next right?

crispy nl': you are such a poes

Send Nudes: <----

Obliv: brb, going to go harvest my crops I planted when we started the mix

♥Purple NoiZe: *kinkshames syndct*

not (name here): syndicunt :V

Synth: i will rape them with words

snkyy: fuck this map i want process, thats all i ever want to play

Fishoutawater: royal u kak gay

void.: 2 min noodles is a phase of life : Aspergers, Autism and ADHD are my triple A's in life

*DEAD* The Carcinogen [L2M]: Hold my beer while I go full retard.

Sentry: Fuckin this shit im Fucking out pess out

orbac ding dang gugga: I really dont want to get farmed by the washed up black man

chrome: id rather take syndct out on a date than play that map

Obliv: Theres one scout in particular I wanna fuck :>

BNOTSA 2`11SAD: if i wasnt druk :<

Carrion: are you people disabled? why cant you spec yourself

Obliv: Michael is my cum guzzling nig nog


My Life Is A Joke: fluff ur lucky i was spiking

friendlyhunter77: TF2SA Binnelanders

Foosh lag(ts is cancer): cage has more hrs than b4nny

*DEAD* Mr.Wiggles: was friendly

WeAk BoT: Syndct is my fav crop to farm

-=Mike-a-ROO=-: I can organize you a new space bar when you wear that one out marmalewd

the most slashes///////////////: I will have you gassed.

*DEAD* Cod (micless, no ts): a wild Cod appears
*DEAD* krome: :(

Omigosh! ≧◡≦: jry yoi wabt some kfc?

Japie die Petroljoggie: Hats>PC

tevo: your an looser

PeliKan: losing is my main

krome: syndct is a real house wife

krome: oh no
*DEAD* PeliKan: SA Cockwork
anime is cool!: stop stroking dick

sign: synd I like your artwork

krome: more like renenotsogreat

spon i am not very dunk yes(spe: SK}O FUCED

PeliKan: listen ere you britis cunt

TheBigDala: !nominate 2fort
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bu dum tss
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I hit him 40, he's on ADHD in water
hiscloan Jan 16 @ 10:16am 
He'll rape you @Zoee