Steven   Torrance, California, United States
Trading, Buying, and Selling Unturned and CS:GO items.

Send me a trade offer here | Giveaways | Cash Rep | Trading Discord []
Important Info and Links

-24/7 Unturned Trading Bot

-Trading Discord []

-Mythical Giveaway Group

-Steamrep []

-Cash Rep

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I sent a trade, how long will it take for your to respond?
A: You should receive a response to a trade you sent within 24 hours, if you want a instant response you can send my trade bot an offer here .

Q: Can I get free items?
A: If you are looking for free items, join my Giveaway Group

Q: Do you offer refunds on trade?
A: Yes, refer to the refund section on my Trading info for more information, conditions, and restrictions.
Things to know

******I'm busy right now with school etc. if you want to add me go ahead feel free but it may take a few days to get back with you. If you want the quick response just send me a trade offer -Thanks, Steven :)


1. I trade items primarily unturned and csgo right now. Feel free to send me an offer on the tradelink above.

2.You can add me if you want, however you may be ignored if you lack anything to trade with. I will accept friend requests when I can talk to you.

3.Message me when I'm online otherwise I may not see it.

4.Please don’t send me stupid offers, it’s a waste of my time and a bigger waste of yours. Use your common sense, I will deal with nonsense accordingly.

5. When I am in-game I may not answer to messages. So please message me when I'm not in game.

6. I try to be as nice as I can while trading, however if your rude/spamming you may be blocked.

7. You don't need to comment on my profile to check trades: I'll look at them as soon as possible. You also don't need to comment on my profile before adding me: I'll decide wether or not to add you.

Selling via PayPal

1. I buy unturned items for PayPal. My procedure goes as followed. Please read before adding me to sell items to me.
-Add me to talk about what you want to sell
-Negotiate a price
-Give me your PayPal address
-Send me items
-I send you PayPal payment via friends and family for negotiated price.

If all goes well this the process is quick and you get your cash right away.

2. If I find something your doing as suspicious I will not go through on the trade.

Buying via PayPal

1. I will sell my items via PayPal. My procedure goes as followed. Please read before adding me to buy items from me.
-Add me to talk about what you want to buy.
-Negotiate a price
-Send me payment via friends and family for negotiated price.
-I send you the requested items.

If all goes well you will receive your items in a quick and timely fashion.

2. I may put a limit on how much you can buy to prevent fraud.

3. I am very cautious when it especially comes to selling my items, if I find anything as suspicious I will not proceed with the deal.

Refund Policy

I offer refunds under certain circumstances

-Trade offer was done less than 7 days ago
-Both parties still have the same items
-PayPal or cash trades of any kind are not refundable

If these conditions are met, I will grant a refund. However there may be certain circumstances when a refund will still not be granted. Also note that any abuse of this system will be strictly monitored.

Otherwise have fun and have a nice day :)
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Unturned Item giveaways
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Having trouble trading with Unturned items? here are a few tips to help get the ball rolling and build your inventory.


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