[NxN]Nameless (Military)
곧 별이 되어서 만나자.
Currently in Mandatory Military Service for one year and a half.

I don't accept any friend requests unless I know you, also I don't trade my items very often so go away if you added me for trading my items.
Except for Nue lovers, they're always welcome -w-

I also change my name and profile, not very often but sometimes. That doesn't mean I got scammed so please don't worry.

Youtube Channel

My favorite wife: Nue Houjuu(Hibiki)

Thank you so much if you're having fun with the best I can do here, but please don't take it too far.
I'm sick of being nice to anyone.
Don't expect anything good from me.
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Shiro Artwork Background (Middle)
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Welcome to the group of Nameless!
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New main background screen, for myself.
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Info about me
About me in general.
Just a normal korean player who likes, and mostly plays TF2 very much.
My most played TF2 gamemode is Freak Fortress 2 and Slender Fortress 2, as well as following with Deathrun and Zombie Survival.
So I don't usually play casual unless it's a Halloween season.
Sometimes I make some SFM posters by myself. I'm still amateur at that but trying to learn something every day.

I will no longer help anything to the people I don't know in the first place.
Stuff that related to FF2, artwork, trade, literally anything.
I know you're gonna scam or betray me eventually.

People that I like
-A person who has my similar favorite.
-A person who likes to talk with me and cheer me up when I feel bad.
-A person who is friendly most of the time.
-A person who can help me when I'm in trouble.
-A person who usually helps me with FF2 related stuff.

People that I hate
-A person who pretends to be a friend of me in a long time and becomes a traitor at the end.
-A person who criticizes me, my friend, and my family. I never consider these people as a human being.
-A person who spams the chat about making him as a FF2 boss. I never accept a single commission of it.
-A person who wants to trade me without any reason. I never trade my items.
-A person who hates someone's favorite so much.(EX: Every weeaboo needs to die) At least you gotta respect that you know.
-A person who says offensive jokes so easily to me. First I'm very sorry about this, but I have a loose fuse, that means I get offended very easily by a very simple offensive thing about me, and can't take it as a joke. It's one of my bad habits, and couldn't have been changed till these days. I can't control my anger because of this habit. So please talk to me softly.

List of FF2 Bosses that I made/worked on with others

- The Unidentified Producer (OC of me / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Genji (from Overwatch / Alternative Version)
- Black Rock★Shooter (from Black Rock★Shooter... obviously. / Alternative Version)
- Aqua (from Konosuba / made with the help of M7)
- Megumin (from Konosuba / by M7, but helped with her extra sounds)
- Hans Volter (from Killing Floor 2 / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- IF (from Hyperdimension Neptunia series / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Remilia Scarlet (from Touhou series / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Flandre Scarlet (from Touhou series / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Nue Houjuu (from Touhou series / by JuegosPablo, but helped with her new model and extra sounds)
- Bearded Expense (TF2 Youtuber / made by me without anyone's help)

Click this link to download them above for your FF2 server.(Part 1) [forums.alliedmods.net]

- Super Pro Demoman (from Doctor Lalve's Super Pro series video / made by me without anyone's help)
- Ryuko Matoi (from Kill La Kill / made with the idea of Nedddy and help of JuegosPablo)
- Hat Kid (from A Hat in Time / Alternative Version)
- Suguri (from 100% Orange Juice, SUGURI series / Made with the help of JuegosPablo and M7)
- Sora (from 100% Orange Juice, Sora / Made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Sagiri Izumi (from Eromanga Sensei / by Hibiki, but reworked her for public use)
- Kirito (from Sword Art Online / by Unstoppable Luck, but reworked him for public use)
- Asuna (from Sword Art Online / by Unstoppable Luck, but reworked her for public use)
- Merasmus (from Team Fortress 2 / Alternative Version)
- Isaac (from The Binding of Isaac series / Made with the help of JuegosPablo)

Click this link to download them above for your FF2 server.(Part 2) [forums.alliedmods.net]

These FF2 bosses below are all private bosses I'll never share.

- TOP Idol Shiro Nue (previously TOP Idol Nue Houjuu) (OC based on one of the idol's bright appearance from The IDOLM@STER, mixed with Nue and changing her characteristic completely / Made with editing her Nightmare version config by Jiri which was based on the original Nue config by JuegosPablo, private boss.)
- Sekibanki (from Touhou series / made with the help of JuegosPablo and Maximo, private boss.)
- Ghostly Scorcher (OC based on one of my friend / made with the idea of PurpleGhostly, private boss.)

SF2 Bosses that I made BEFORE Mentrillum's SF2 Modified

- Koishi Komeiji (from Touhou series / Static Chaser, paired with Satori Komeiji) (DISCONTINUED)
- Satori Komeiji (from Touhou series / Grace Chaser, paired with Koishi Komeiji) (DISCONTINUED)

Link for download no longer available.

SF2 bosses below are all bosses I made AFTER Mentrillum's SF2 Modified

- Handsome Jack Updated (from Borderlands 2 / Proxy Master)
- Team Killer Updated (from TF2 Freak, Freak Fortress 2 / Hit and Run)
- Bulldozer Updated (from PAYDAY 2 / Short Ranger, paired with Skulldozer)
- Skulldozer Updated (from PAYDAY 2 / Long Ranger, paired with Bulldozer)
- Nue Houjuu (from Touhou series / Survival Chaser) (PRIVATE)
- Billy Herrington (from Gachimuchi / Proxy Master)
- Bandits (from S.T.A.L.K.E.R / Long Ranger)
- Korean Mr. Krabs Updated (from Korean Spongebob Fan dub '동전줍는 징징이', originally by Queen, edited from Painkiller's Normal Mr, Krabs rework / Chaser) (PRIVATE)
- Cartoon Cat (from Trevor Henderson Mythos / Hybrid of Hit n Run and Charger)
- King Eggman Updated (from Sonic and the Black Knight, originally by Mentrillum, Survival Chaser)
- Beta Ink Bendy Updated (from Bendy and the Ink Machine, originally by Mentrillum, Static Chaser)
- Bill Cipher Updated (from Gravity Falls, originally by LRG, Pyromaniac Chaser)
- Flesher (from SOMA / Blind Mob Static Hit n Run)
- Horseless Headless Horsemann (from Team Fortress 2 / Slow Chaser or Survival Chaser depending on the difficulty)
- D0g Updated (from Half Life 2, originally by Demon Hamster Eating My Wafflez, Chaser)

Click this link to download the public bosses above for your SF2 Modified server. [github.com]

Stuff that I'm working on right now

Preparing for another SF2 boss.
BowserandKingBoo Jul 22 @ 9:17pm 
+rep really nice and chill to hang out with on NxN glad to be a friend that can try to help wherever unless I got something else going on
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늘 건강하세요 :SuperKinky_BurrowingBuddy:
soldier Jul 15 @ 8:00am 
Take care.
Fakecheems May 16 @ 4:23am 
hope you're doing well in the military service <3
The Style HedgeHog Apr 4 @ 6:42pm 
thanks anyways dude, take care
[NxN]Nameless (Military) Apr 4 @ 6:14pm 
yes, I uploaded his file on SF2 modified discord and he’s now public.