[NxN]Nameless(I❤Nue Houjuu)
It's too late to say sorry.
I don't accept any friend requests unless I know you, also I don't trade my items very often so go away if you added me for trading my items.
Except for Nue lovers, they're always welcome -w-

Youtube Channel

My favorite wife: Nue Houjuu

Korean TF2 community servers in 2019? Screw that, they're all filled with childish kids nowadays.
I miss the old days when you could just join a random server and have fun with others very easily. Now it's gone, and will never come back.
I know TF2 is my favorite game of all time, but after experiencing so many accidents and incidents happened in my past years, I gave up being a part of my country's community. It's better to ignore than just being a part of community and getting betrayed by them over and over.
They would still probably hate me right now because of some dipshits who spams their friends to show the pinned stuff about me and tells them to unfriend or hate me, whatever.
If you're still on their side, I don't care because that's how you judge me as a bad person.
But at least I want you to know this: All the things you've done to me will be useless.
That's why I never believe anyone suspicious on the internet anymore, and that will be also why I changed my personality.

I'm sick of being nice to anyone. Don't expect anything good from me.
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Info about me
Yes. I'm that player that most of the Korean TF2 gamers hate for stupid reason.
Just a normal korean player who likes, and mostly plays TF2 very much.
My most played TF2 gamemode is Freak Fortress 2, as well as following with Deathrun and Zombie Survival.
So I don't usually play casual unless it's a Halloween season.
Sometimes I make some SFM posters by myself. I'm still amateur at that but trying to learn something every day.

I will no longer help anything to the people I don't know in the first place.
Stuff that related to FF2, artwork, trade, literally anything.
I know you're gonna scam or betray me eventually.

I'm already done with any stupid dramas. Stop it, Get some help.
Ah, that little incident happened on the start of 2019, what a great fucking way to start a new year. Not only they betrayed me from server and doing a witch-hunt, but also now they're treating me like a disgrace to the Korean TF2 community.


I mean, come on. Those kids are so annoying to deal with, and it's surprising that they're still doing that even I wanted to forget about it a long time ago. I wanted neither bring that drama back nor make a stuff to revenge them. I just want those kids go find their own meaning of life, not spending their precious time for just swearing about me 24/7. It's already out of humanity for you doing that. Shame on you.
For those who still believe that stuff about me and calling me retard or asshole, I don't fucking care. Just please don't, and NEVER. bother me with that shit again, and leave me alone.


People that I like
-A person who has my similar favorite.
-A person who likes to talk with me and cheer me up when I feel bad.
-A person who is friendly most of the time and tells funny joke to me.
-A person who can help me when I'm in trouble.
-A person who usually helps me with FF2 related stuff.

People that I hate
-A person who pretends to be a friend of me in a long time and becomes a traitor at the end.
-A person who criticizes me, my friend, and my family. I never consider these people as a human being.
-A person who spams the chat about making him as a FF2 boss. I never accept a single commission of it.
-A person who wants to trade me without any reason. I never trade my items.
-A person who hates someone's favorite so much.(EX: Every weeaboo needs to die) At least you gotta respect that you know.
-A Korean person who believes the stuff filled with swears about me and hate me every single time.
-A retarded FF2 owner with his brain-dead friends trying to hide what they've done in the past and pretending to be a good guy.
Didn't your ancestors teach you to learn from your mistakes? Why do you still try if you've done many things that makes you such a bully to others? Did you think you would be safe if your friends did the crime with you and pretends that you're not a part of them? You're the worst kind of people I've met and I'll never forgive you. Open your stupid server again, I fucking dare you.

List of FF2 Bosses that I made/worked on with others

- The Unidentified Producer (OC of me / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Genji (from Overwatch / Alternative Version)
- Black Rock★Shooter (from Black Rock★Shooter... obviously. / Alternative Version)
- Aqua (from Konosuba / made with the help of M7)
- Megumin (from Konosuba / by M7, but helped with her extra sounds)
- Hans Volter (from Killing Floor 2 / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- IF (from Hyperdimension Neptunia series / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Remilia Scarlet (from Touhou series / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Flandre Scarlet (from Touhou series / made with the help of JuegosPablo)
- Nue Houjuu (from Touhou series / by JuegosPablo, but helped with her new model and extra sounds)
- Bearded Expense (TF2 Youtuber / made by me without anyone's help)

Click this link to download them above for your FF2 server. [forums.alliedmods.net]

- TOP Idol Nue Houjuu (OC based on one of the idol's bright appearance from The IDOLM@STER, mixed with Nue and changing her characteristic completely / Made with editing her Nightmare version config by Jiri which was based on the original Nue config by JuegosPablo, private boss.)
- Sekibanki (from Touhou series / made with the help of JuegosPablo and Maximo, private boss.)
- Ghostly Scorcher (OC based on one of my friend / made with the idea of PurpleGhostly, private boss.)
- Ryuko Matoi (from Kill La Kill / made with the idea of Nedddy and help of JuegosPablo, private boss.)

List of SF2 Bosses that I made

- Koishi Komeiji (from Touhou series / Static Chaser, paired with Satori Komeiji)
- Satori Komeiji (from Touhou series / Grace Chaser, paired with Koishi Komeiji)
- Handsome Jack (from Borderlands 2 / Proxy Master)
- Team Killer (from TF2 Freak, Freak Fortress 2 / Hit and Run)
- Bulldozer (from PAYDAY 2 / Short Ranger, paired with Skulldozer)
- Skulldozer from PAYDAY 2 / Long Ranger, paired with Bulldozer)

Click this link to download them above for your SF2 server.

Stuff that I'm working on right now

Nue Houjuu as SF2 boss (Currently working on previews of her custom animations / Type Unknown)
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How so..?
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