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When asked to pick whether I recommend this game or do not, I genuinely wish there was a neither option. I don't wish to say "yes", because I don't feel as if this is an experience worth recommending. Yet, I hesitate on pressing "no" as there wasn't anything genuinely wrong with the game as far as games go. Nothing was broken but all I feel is "meh".

This game is at it's best at being free or the "under a buck" price it had. I have a hard time critiquing it as I've played things a lot lower quality than this, but I have to remember that I've played other "One-Person-Made" games that are better.

If you are easily scared, or are new to the horror genre, this will spook you a little.

- Has a Story
- Is not broken
- Multiple Endings
- You don't have to replay the entire game to get back to the endings.

- Some things are in areas that are too dark to see them.
- Game doesn't really have a lot of ambience
- Some of the puzzle doesn't make itself obvious or doesn't make sense.
- Sometimes the game itself gives you no clear indication of where to go to trigger the next event.

All in all, the game is worth the "good for under a buck" status, and is better now that it's free. I can appreciate this was made by a lone person, but at the same time I've played better lone-wolf projects.

As it's free, you should check this out, can't take my experiences at face-value as they are personal experiences. You may find a good enough reason to thumbs down this game, I certainly can't.
And if you do play this game, write an honest review. Even if it's short, it doesn't hurt to say your piece.
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