Denis   New Zealand
Welcome to my profile! :)

Please read my description(click "View more info")

My phone was recently stolen so i can't trade for a few days because of Steam Autenthificator. I can only buy items. :)


For cash trading
1.When I buy:

-I don't go first
-your profile and inventory must be public
-you must have steam level 2+ and own CS:GO
-I pay around 90% of the market price
2.When I sell:
-I don't go first
-your profile and inventory must be pulbic
-you must have steam level 10+ and own CS:GO
-if go first always if you have more +reps than me
3.Buying/selling via:
-Steam Wallet Codes

Things about me
-My real name is Denis
-My steam name is always "Denishiatat"
-I am 17 years old
-I live in New Zealand
-My favourite games is CS:GO and CS 1.6

In 2 YEARS I have never been reported for anything,my trade record is clean.
I have MORE THAN 1000 gaming hours on CS GO
I have 6 pages of comments about cash trades I already made with lots of people.
I am donator on CSGOLounge
I am verified on PayPal
I am buying items so I can make a profit
I am friendly and patient,so I expect the same from you.

Pointers when dealing through a steam trade:
1) If people are writing in very bad english, don't trust them.
2) If they are called [unassigned], don't trust them.
3) If they haven't yet setup their profile, don't trust them.
4) If they are in a hurry to trade, don't trust them.
5) If they send you a link to their offer, don't trust them, and DON'T click on their link.
6) Pay close attention to people with Private Profile or an empty Inventory.

Enjoy trading!

•Processor: Intel i5 4460
•Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 DDR5
•Ram: HyperX Fury 8 GB DDR4
•Motherboard: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
•Power Supply: 550 W
•Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1
•SSD: 3x 120
•Mouse: Zalman ZM-M250
•Mouse pad: Genesis
•Monitor: ASUS Full HD
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Hortez CSGO-SKINS.COM Jan 23 @ 10:47am 
Hi dude! Trade your cases and cheap skins for keys! {LINK REMOVED}
->ForfecaRU'<- Jan 18 @ 8:10am 
Trade Your CS:GO Cases For Keys! (Rate 4 Cases for 1 key) {LINK REMOVED}
Edward Apr 17, 2017 @ 10:31am 
Gata Muie, stiu si unde stai in Severin il stiu si pe tacto, ca lucreaza la primarie, ai belit pula, te rup cand te prind zilele astea.
Edward Apr 17, 2017 @ 9:39am 
da-mi accept mai rpd, ca maine sunt la severin.
M.V Feb 23, 2017 @ 12:42pm 
-rep worst player ever
Skeptiik Sep 2, 2016 @ 4:03am 
Add aici prietene :) sunt MeF1X daca ma mai stii ...!