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Unlocked Jan 3, 2018 @ 12:06am

The boy has toys

Find 1 bobblehead.
Unlocked Jan 3, 2018 @ 12:04am

Light up the blunt!

Kill a person with a blunt object.
Unlocked Jan 3, 2018 @ 12:06am


Disable a religious item.

It's a toy story

Find 12 bobbleheads.
1 / 12

Wobble wobble

Find 25 bobbleheads.
1 / 25

These are the toys of my life

Find 40 bobbleheads.
1 / 40

King of bobbleheads

Find 60 bobbleheads.
1 / 60

I want to ride my tricycle!

Find a tricycle and ride it.


Pick Up a beachball.


Create a homemade bomb from fertilizer.

Like a surgeon

Sabotage a heart transplant.

Electric power!

Kill a person with electricity.

Fiery furnace

Kill a person with fire.

Melting pot

Kill a person with Acid.

Your lips are venomous

Kill a person with Poison.

I just called, to say, I will kill you

Make a succesfull Call.

She's just looking for attention

Call Marla.

Is Ted really your friend?

Call Ted.


Decapitate an enemy 6 times.
0 / 6

Problem Child

Kill everyone in every level.
0 / 10


Kill a person.

Double Homicide

Make a double kill.

Ted Bundy

Kill more than three persons in a row.


Touch four kids.
0 / 4

Hit & run!

Get run over by a car.

Hit, run and beat it!

Get run over by MJ.


Witness a person getting ran over by a car.

I'm just a lonely boy

Make someone else shoot you with a nailgun.

Nailed it!

Kill a person with a nailgun.

This is blasphemy

Disable 5 religious items.
1 / 5


Disable 10 religious items.
1 / 10

Splitting headache

Split a persons head with a circular saw.

I remember when I lost my mind

Use chainsaw to kill an enemy.

Don't fear the reaper

Kill 3 persons with a scythe.
0 / 3

Cannon fodder

Kill 3 people with firehydrant.
0 / 3

Holy diver

Make a person mad.

Out of gas

Explode a gas pump.

Rob Bery

Steal money from Ludlow.

Sleepy hollow

Kill everyone at Ludlow.

Smooth elevator

Kill a person by getting them to drop down to the elevator shaft.

Thanks for smoking

Attract enemy attention 5 times with smokes.
0 / 5

Smoking kills

Kill 3 people by using the environment while they are having a smoke.
0 / 3


Kick dead enemy head around.


You need to figure this one out yourself.

Back in black

Get Lucius's suit.


Break 5 different items with mindcontrol.
0 / 5


Use 5 different items with mindcontrol.
0 / 5


Attack and kill 5 persons with mindcontrol.
0 / 5

Patience is a virtue

Kill 3 people with the pressure chamber.
0 / 3


Use 4 vending machines to acquire goods.
0 / 4

Escape the ward

Complete first level.

Nun of that

Complete second level.

Acidtrip done

Complete third level.

Under construction

Complete fourth level.

Hospitals are for pussies

Finish chapter 1.

Ludlow is too small for me

Complete sixth level.

Trumpets filled with water

Complete seventh level.

Put your lights off

Complete eight level.

Corn king killed

Complete ninth level.

Finally it's done

Complete the game.

Developers deserve to die!

Kill passangers from the bus.


Use a woodchipper to make minced meat.


Use bees to kill an enemy.


Hit a person with sledgehammer.

Ludlow Chainsaw Massacre

Use chainsaw to kill an enemy in the final episode.