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You wake up in doomed space colony as the only person alive. With the help of an A.I and four holograms of former colony members you gather resources and information to get back to earth.

This is a bittersweet heartfelt story of human nature as we piece together went wrong and individual emotions thorough the holo chamber, the A.I and finding notes as we explore the abandoned colonies. The dialogue is very well written and even the A.I feels like a real person right up to the end.

The artwork with its pastel, muted, pixel aesthetic suits the tone of the game.


The game play involves conversations with the holograms and dialogue options, puzzles and exploration. While the variation of puzzles and walking break this up I found it repetitive searching and finding items in the abandoned colonies There is a break from this which involved working out passwords and right sequences.

The one thing that lets this game down is no save, load or skip options. It only autosaves at certain points. This means if you want to play again for achievements or to change your choices you have to do a full playthrough. This also leads back to the repetitiveness – I would rather not do things I found boring first time unless there was an option to fast track and focus on the options or things I did not collect.

Despite this issue this adventure/visual novel is worth a playthrough and due to its sci fi theme and style could have a broader appeal.
Posted September 18.
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Go grab your favourite pen and pad! At the beginning of the game it tells you – take heed. So put your detective garb on and start solving clues for this murder.

This is a follow up to the Silver Creek Falls Trilogy. I loved Silver Creek Falls. It’s a great example of an RPG Maker game done extremely well. I loved it so much I even wrote a guide.


This sequel doesn’t disappoint as it continues the standard already set. We are back with Detective Sara Fitzgerald to solve another murder in a sleepy town. Sapphire games follow the same strategy as Silver Creek Falls by offering the first part as a free to play game and the last two as paid games.

It has standard RPG maker visuals but it is about the writing, solving murders and characters. The game play itself is simple. You have to solve clues to progress with a simple inventory system This may be a short instalment but this game doesn’t hold your hand so no hints.

Final Points

The game itself highly recommends that you play Silver Creek Falls first.


I managed to 100% this with no issues but looking at the forums some people had problems finding all the fishsticks. All I can suggest is keep looking.

Finally, Sapphire Games release the next one as you left me on a huge cliffhanger! I need Chapter 2…
Posted September 18.
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Detention is the debut game by Red Candle games, a small indie team based in Taipei, Taiwan. This game was born out of the lead designer not seeing a game that reflected the culture of how he was brought up. From 1948 -1987 Taiwan was under martial law as a result of the Chinese Civil War. It is the second longest country under martial law. The longest country is Syria which has been under martial law since 1963.

During this period there were only approved political parties, no human rights and no free speech. The Taiwan Garrison Command arrested anyone critical of the government and were blacklisted. Civilians were tried in military court and many people were imprisoned or executed.

Taiwan become extremely militant on the 1960’s in which this story is set. This is their story of a generation of young people in the 1960’s living in Taiwan.


We start the story with Ray in class. He oversleeps waking to thundering rain. Upon finding a way out he goes into the auditorium and meets Wei looking lifeless in an auditorium. They go back to the classroom and decide how to get help and that’s where the story starts.

It also mixes Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese culture. I was familiar with some of them and found it insightful to learn about other superstitions, folklore and beliefs. Adding these elements is what really makes this game. Everyday horrors are experienced in many countries but it is the historical, cultural and religious perspectives imbedded into a society that deepen our understanding.

Music and Artwork

The artwork is fantastic and fitting for the tone of the game. It looks old, worn, grey and bleak with its dark spots and shadows enhanced by the players using a candle. It is occasionally accented by blue, yellow and red glows. There is some artwork that I would describe as trippy.

The music is also just right and non- intrusive. I would describe it as having a classical sound. The music leaves a sense of haunting, sadness, loss and old memories. The other sound effects enhance the trepidation you feel as a player.


The game play is point and click. You use the mouse to hover at the bottom of the screen for your journal and other items you collect. The left button on the mouse is to move the character and move items. The right button is something you will discover if you play the game. I enjoyed the puzzles and didn’t found them obtuse. I didn’t find myself stumped for too long and frustrated. There is two endings to this game.


Every part of this game works seamlessly to creates a real of sense of gloom, horror, repression, doom, and trepidation that you feel as a player. With a unique setting that hasn’t been explored and a rich, well told thoughtful story this point and click game is an essential addition to anyone’s library regardless of the genre you normally play.

Red Candle is working on another game, Devotion, set in the 1980’s that I look forward to playing in the future.
Posted November 2, 2018. Last edited November 2, 2018.
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Launched on PS4 [store.playstation.com] as well as Steam this solo effort, by Rod Moye/ Pixel Maverick Games was 3 years in the making. The result is a solid casual 2D platformer that’s charm kept me playing all 15 levels, collecting every idol and some speed runs.

An evil being extinguishes all the candles in the land. It’s the job of our lone candle to bring light back to the land. Despite this not offering anything new there is some reasons that elevated this from meh to recommend:

The artwork in this game is very appealing. It has a cute aesthetics even with the enemies. The use of colour is applied well with good shading and light. It is more muted tones than bright colours but it suits the storyline.

Its charming, cute and fun to play. I was unsure of my intentions when I started this but I ended getting sucked in and enjoying my time with it.

There is a nice balance in levels and difficulty progression. You are steadily introduced to all the game mechanics and enemies before having to use them all in later levels. The levels themselves also vary in length. Within each level there is a good balance between easier and more hard sections.

My only personal complaints are I would like to have seen more of other level designs. I really liked the playing card and pirate levels and would have liked to seen them used more.


I experienced no technical issues with this game. It was smooth and responsive with the Xbox one controller.

This is an excellent example of a simple casual 2D platformer done very well. Clearly a lot of effort went into this. It’s definitely worth a casual play for a few hours, in between a bigger game rotation or if you are just looking for something relaxing and comfortable to play.

I believe I brought this in a bundle a while ago so if you have it in your library and its something you would play check it out!
Posted October 27, 2018. Last edited October 27, 2018.
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PRICE uses puzzle and adventure game mechanics to piece together a short story that doesn’t outstay its welcome. This is split into piecing together memories and using items on objects. This short free to play game excels in its gothic, creepy and ominous feel through the artwork, sound and story. You know that that something isn’t quite right….

The artwork is good with an anime influence that looks more handrawn or classically styled. I suggest you take your time with all the information you are given to put together this compelling story. The music and sound is also a very notable The opening theme tune for the game is very catchy and the haunting singing, classical sounding pieces and appropriate sound effects are fitting choices.


Some of this playtime is from being away. I also personally experienced technical issues with this game. I encountered scripting errors, freezing and black screens but I felt that this game was worth completing. After another install I finally managed played the whole game through with no issues.

After completing this I felt that that some of this game might be obtuse for players who aren’t so familiar with adventure/puzzle mechanics and thinking. I checked the hub and there is guides available if you are stuck.Despite my two issues this is a great, quality free to play game. All the achievements are straight forward if you just play through the whole game naturally and complete it.
Posted October 4, 2016. Last edited October 4, 2016.
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It looks like a lot of people also agreed it wasn’t awful.It reached its Kickstarter goal in July 2016. .Watch out for this game at steam store near you or give it a follow.


The story centres on the fair haired maiden Elisa and the three suitors in a long line too woo her into marriage. Who will in the heart of this independent woman? I am going to proceed to review this historical fantasy otome visual novel as what I am presented with a: a demo and the potential.

Having played visual novel demos that, I haven’t been able to finish due to being poor this was better quality overall. It has pretty artwork, some notable writing in branches of the story. A perfect game is straightforward and as long as you play all the options.


However, this appears as stereotypical as any otome game Is this a bad thing? It’s up to you but it won’t be convincing a wider audience. I suspect that isn’t the development team’s intention with this visual novel though. There is clearly a few hours’ content and it does look like it is going to be average at best. Unfortunately for all the good things I’ve said I will not be in any rush to get or bump playing this because of the latter reason.

Finally, I wish the developer success with their final product!
Posted October 4, 2016. Last edited October 4, 2016.
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First Love is awesome, its just the two of you in bliss with none of those pesky boring real life problems like who took the bin out.

Personally I am familiar with Yuri elements from anime and manga’s so I felt this was worth a try. Unfortunately, this title feels more like DLC or a bonus section leaving me feeling that I clearly missed a whole main story. Why? This game is part of the popular yuri series A Kiss for Petals that started in 2006. It has spawned 19 Visual Novels, Drama CD’s, Light Novels and an adult anime. If this is any indicator this is clearly a quality series of its type.


I will give this credit to this for managing to be a very sweet, lightly funny romance story that made me look into it further. However, for me, my exploration of St Michaels is going to end here with a title or two. In all honesty, the chances of all ages versions are extremely slim.

I would recommend purchasing this in the sale, unless you have a strong interest in Yuri or already happen to be a fan of the series This took me less than two hours to complete with extremely easy achievements due to being a kinetic visual novel
Posted October 1, 2016. Last edited October 1, 2016.
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Ooki, our happy go lucky monkey is minding his own business in the jungle. Ooki with a sparkle in his eyes spots of his favourite …. bananas! But then something terrible happens. Those awful yet terribly cute bullies gang up on Ooki and steal his precious bananas. Distraught Ooki goes to visit monkey god. He is told to beat ALL the cute bullies over 100 levels to get his bananas back! Life really isn’t fair….


So the story is just fluff and took one minute to write but this just setup for a very fun block puzzle game. Ooki has to punch all the banana blocks in a correct route. This consists of nine areas made up of ten levels and a mini boss fight. To unlock a new area, you must beat the previous one first. The faster and longer combos you achieve the better points you get. This in turn gives you a better rank. Be warned slow coaches! Devil Cat will appear and start chasing you and try to kill you after a certain time.


Figuring out some of the routes might make you want to punch something but they are all solvable. Additionally, elements, spikes, portals, floating and ground enemies are all determined to ruin your good time. providing some additional challenge. If you need extra help you can take the daily challenge to win a go on the prize machine for extra lives or helpers.

Artwork and Music

The artwork and character designs match the tone of the game perfectly and I feel it was a great design choice. Its big, bold, cartoon like and colourful. The main catchy instrumental sounds like a steel band jamming on an island. Devil Cat got his own instrumental too which is a scratch stopping the main and gives of a spooky warning feel. The animal sounds are very nice too.



This is great value for its price providing hours of fun out if you enjoy puzzle games. After game completion you can still do daily challenges, banana chase and work on achievements. Devil Cat also wants you to try his ultra difficult levels if you are hard enough. I am also convinced the developers unleashed their inner child by naming an area Mount Doodeedoo. On a final note I would love the developers to add some emotes to collect for this game. If you have seen any screenshots of this game the character designs are too cute not to collect!
Posted October 1, 2016.
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Unless you were a younger sibling you are going to deny it. Those pesky younger siblings just get in the way of your fun time always wanting to be in your way. So some of us can relate to poor Max when he types into Giggle …” how to make my brother go away”! Since this is a videogame and not real life it ACTUALLY happens and Felix gets sucked into another world. It up to Max to save him. It is his fault after all…..

Artwork and Voice Acting

This game look gorgeous even on my laptop which has poor specifications. On a better powered system this game would look amazing. The voice work was a treat to the ears and had a lot of personality to it. Max sounds like a cocky young kid and some of his lines are funny. Felix sounds…. whiny, our villain sounds campy and old lady sounds… old and wise.



The game mechanic is the use of a marker to solve many puzzles over several chapters to save Felix. I didn’t have this issue but I feel I should mention it. Some players may prefer keyboard and mouse controls as the puzzles get complex to draw for better accuracy. The checkpoints in this game are generous. For the longer time based sections, the slow motion transitions give the player more than enough time to get drawing.

For the most part, especially in earlier stages, the solution seems easy. However, your success at progressing is going to depend on several things: getting your drawings right, angles, precision and speed which becomes more obvious with game progression. What this puzzle platformer gets right, which some games fail at, is getting the difficulty spike just right. It introduces more elements and intricate puzzles at an even pace so you don’t feel frustrated and overwhelmed at any point.

After a long journey to get to the big boss the final fight left me feeling “is that it?”. However, on reflection I remembered that this is a family friendly puzzle platformer and if it was too hard it might be a problem. And I also realised he’s called mustacho…. MUSTACHO!! Ultimately I decided this is all about the journey so I decided to let this one go in the end.


For the gamers who like to collect or gain achievements there is some extended play in this. I consider this an essential purchase if you like cute family puzzle platformer This game is on frequent sale at the 75% mark which having played this is criminal. After playing this I would of payed a lot more. Make sure to grab it in a sale if it’s your cup of tea or at least try the demo out….

Posted September 23, 2016.
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The cheerful, happy Mimpi is back is in this sequel by independent gaming studio Silicon Jelly [siliconjelly.com]

While his owner is away we get to explore his colourful vibrant dreams again. As enthralled as I was with its predecessor I still had some issues with it. My main issues were to do with it being an android port. This was addressed with this sequel which was designed as both an Android and PC game.

The artwork in the original was lovely but this is a significant upgrade The artwork is sharper, brighter and looks smoother. The voice effects also sound better. Mimpi can now take tinkles on checkpoints… no cleanup needed!


The developers clearly made the decision to take the challenge out of the puzzles in this follow up. I played the latest Factory level in the game and the difficulty hasn’t changed There is also a controller bug in on one of the puzzles in that level. This appeared to be addressed in the challenge mode, where you only have one life. However, as previously mentioned with diluted difficulty you have to question how much of a challenge it is. I can only speculate the reasons for this but personally for me this was a disappointment.

Regardless you will find this casual, light puzzle platformer extremely cute, charming and relaxing. If you are looking for something to play a few hours and leave a smile on your face you can’t go wrong with joining this little dog’s dreams.

My conclusion is that I can’t give this a negative review because of lack of more challenging puzzles. This is still quality game riding with a lot charm. I don’t regret playing this but given the choice between this and the original? For me its Mimpi not this one.

When you purchase the game you will also get free updates as new levels are finished. This game is also an easy perfect game for achievement hunters. I personally hope that in the future if they decide to another Mimpi or update in the future there is an option of more challenge or it is increased.

I purchased both Mimpi games at full price and didn’t regret it. Since then the price has been reduced. If you don’t own any of these games and you think that this game is for you would be barking mad not to pick up the bundle deal at the steam store:

Posted September 23, 2016. Last edited September 23, 2016.
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