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Tensions brewing since the Napoleonic War resulted in the War of 1812 between the United States and the British Empire, alongside 10,000 Native Indians. Over the Hills and Far Away, a debut kinetic visual novel by War girl Games focuses on the aftermath of a battle when the British Empire suffered a major defeat and Procter abandoned his army. Our protagonist, William Aubrey survived the battle and has ran to an abandoned farmhouse where he meets a young Shawnee girl called Mai hiding from the storm.

Themes and Characters

The characters are well defined in the short time we spend with them. We get a real sense of their personalities, motives and backgrounds. The story has some light touches thanks to the character of young Mai, a counterpart to the world weary and cynical Aubrey. Mai, despite being a smart cookie and resilient, in her childish actions delivers some sweet, funny moments. She remains upbeat throughout the story which rubs off on Aubrey. He may try to convince himself of his selfish intentions but I see Mai as Aubrey's first trajectory for the redemption he seeks.

Home and Identity are two strong themes running through this story. Aubrey feels like an alien in a fractured country and is looking for his own place to belong and call home. Their methodologies may vary but both he and Jackson are both looking for independence, home and freedom. Mai, on the other hand has a strong sense of home and belonging from her religious beliefs and community.

Music and Artwork

There is a lovely use of orchestral music by Seycara Music and Arts . It is not intrusive and matches the ambience for each moment. A particular standout piece I noticed is the field scene. The final song at the credits, After All, have some lovely vocals by Sagispon. The artwork doesn't have the usual anime aesthetics instead opting for a soft, muted pastel look. It makes good use of tones, light and attention to detail.


The game is short running at around the three hour mark but is within the normal steam price range. Despite the shortness I feel that it was the correct length and successfully managed to get a sense of the characters and the story. History would tell you a different story about how about how most Native Indians were treated but if Disney can do it with Tiana in Disney's Princess and the Frog why can't War Girl Games? They both want to give us some heart warming entertainment. so we should let it go...

I highly recommend this as Over the Hills and Far Away, like The 39 Steps, will appeal to a wider audience as well. This is due to the lack of anime tropes, aesthetics, atypical story and unusual setting which may have some extra appeal for history enthusiasts.

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