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Booooo!See you near halloween!


Best described as a cheerful soul that looks to the lighter side of life buuuut...

I enjoy stalking my friends on the activity feed to check for illegal activity.

Any suspected enemies of the state will be reported.

Other schizzle I like in no particular order

genres of books, films, manga/anime, comedy, unicorns, flamingos, giraffes, owls,cute things, bright things, hello kitty, working animals, boats, zucchinni and lemon cake, ginger beer, guiness cake, coffee cake, men, women, beautifying myself, baths, trashy celeb gossip, documentaries, history, music, jack daniels, dark rum, gifs, minnie mouse, moussaka

and spending time with loved ones too. I mean you as well!...d'aww <3

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I'm cereal about playing vidja games I'll never complete
^Featured games are ones that are like totes now?! I'm like stanning over them?!

Ongoing games for 2019

The Witcher Franchise. A little known game series. There’s some bloke called Geralt in it ?!

Electronic Super Joy games/ DLC – the music stops me rage quiting. Bring on Electronic Superjoy Forever next!

Muse Dash/DLC - anime music rhythm score attack. Best played with headphones.

I also play on the PS4, Xbox PC Gamepass ,Itchio XD

Current Steam game list

1. Solstice (VN)
2. The Confines of the Crown (VN)
3. High Hell (FPS)
4. The Infectious madness of Dr Dekker (FMV)
5. Lorelai (Adventure)
6. Life is Strange (Adventure)
7. The Evil Within (Horror)
8. Limbo (replay)/Inside
9. The aquatic adventure of the last human (?)
10. Aurion: Legacy of Kori Odan (RPG)
11. Beeswing/Dujanah (?)

Completed Games List 2019

Hopelessly dreaming of the hitting the magic 50 completed games this year... 24/50

Mushroom Cats - just lots of cats really.

Alone with you – a reminder that even an A.I will never ever love you!

Neon Drive - I just want to put on some shades and enjoy some cool atmosphere

Best Luck [] – mysterious game by a former Walt Disney Artist.

Walsingham Files Chapter 1 - Playing Detective in a small american town

Black the Fall ( PS4) - Learning about Communism.The future is bleak.

The Unfinished Swan (PS4) - I want to adopt Monroe <3

The librarian on Itchio [] – time to face my darkest foes :0

What Remains of Edith Finch - Epic games cheapened it by making it free to everybody. No I am not salty that I paid for it :p

Downfall - a sweet romantic adventure game <3

Mirror - Best played with headphones and DEFINIITELY no one around. I just really like a good match 3 game XD

My Friend Pedro - I came for the bananas.

The Visitor - a cheerful FMV about a prostitute getting murdered in Japan.

Flower (PS4) - Loooots of bootiful flowers <3

Flow (PS4) - its A dog eat dog world out there

Bound (PS4) - The most graceful, classy dancing have ever done in my life * pirouettes*

Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion ( PS4) - Ayyyy Matey! Yo ho ho!

Mirrors Edge: Catalyst (PS4) - thrilling parkour action. Time to play the original now?

Sprout - Planting seeds, lots of them

Neon Beats - Short, sweet Geometry Dash style F2P game.

Aurion: Legacy of Kori Odan - went on a spiritual journey

The Confines of the Crown - save the princess

Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone

Beeswing - wee scotland
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"not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition"

Take heed of this screen opener. Do not let the kids near this despite Zee Tee's cuteness and happy flowers on the store page. The simple premise in this short platform puzzler is about our brave adventurer Zee Tee rescuing the lovely Princess. It has easy controls with arrow keys and up or Z for jump which can be configured to your preference and full screen mode.

Now if this was the sum of its parts I would not be recommending this game. It is not really a spoiler to say that this is not the whole story. The strength of this title is drawing on the music and nightmarish imagery to invoke a feeling of disturbing unsettlement and confusion. This is down to the juxtaposition of cute 16 bit style and the more darker images as the game progresses .It does not hold your hand in explaining anything.

Regardless if you are familiar with the source material or not this is ambiguous enough for you to draw your own personal theories. After playing this you will sit and ask yourself "What did that all mean?"if you are a more philosophical thinker. Or you might think "Meh".

This game is tagged as horror, in the sense that this is atmospheric but there are jumpy moments. Replayability is encouraged and I highly recommend that you collect all the gems to unlock more content and get all the achievements. The puzzle aspect for the most part are not frustrating but there are some tougher levels with spots that are easy to miss and some backtracking.

There is a freeware version of this game but I think you should buy the HD Version on Steam as this has superior artwork, further options and finally Zaratustra Productions did a great job with this game. In conclusion this game, for better or worse should be experienced. If it is in your library already give it a play one day. If you don't own it is not that expensive or you could wait for a coupon or a sale if you are hesitant.
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Lilly 9 hours ago 
Hi, thanks for accepting! It's nice to meet you too ♡
00DOG 18 hours ago 
Perhaps being in our country will help her develop a personality
00DOG Sep 5 @ 1:01pm 
That legacy game you are playing looks lovely. I best get onto playing it.
Talana Sep 5 @ 1:00pm 
:swhello:...Hi there,Aeryn :woodlefriend:
.:commandervideo::EdenEarth:.. Across the miles :LLTRowRun:
:hug:..Here is a little hug :YouHaventGotMail:
:sibstar:..It is filled with happy wishes for you and yours :litlChocolates:
:swdance::sirstar:. and hope to make you smile :ccHappy:
:symnote::music::lightheart:* Friends are chocolate chips :chocolate::chocolate:
:symnote::music: in the cookie of life! :ccVeryHappy:
00DOG Aug 31 @ 9:16pm 
..............„-~''-,::::::::::::::::::: ''-„
..........,~''::::::::',:::::::::::::::: ::::|',
.........'|:::::|: : : : : : : : : : : ::: : |,'
........|:::::|: : :-~~---: : : -: : : : |
.......(¯''~-': : : :'¯°: ',: :|: :°-: :|
.....'....''~-,|: : : : : : ~---': : : :,'
...............|,: : : : : :-~~--: : ::/ NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP
......,''\':\: :'~„„_: : : : : _,' NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
__„-';;;;;\:''-,: : : :'~---~''/| NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND AND DESERT YOU
;;;;;/;;;;;;;\: :\: : :____/: :',__ THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES DEAR AERYN
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;',. .''-,:|:::::::|. . |;;;;''-„__
;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;\. . .''|::::::::|. .,';;;;;;;;;;''-„
;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;\. . .\:::::,'. ./|;;;;;;;;;;;;;|
;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;',: : :|¯¯|. . .|;;;;;;;;;,';;|
;;;;;;;;;',;;;;;;;;;;;\. . |:::|. . .'',;;;;;;;;|;;/
Surrealknyte Aug 31 @ 1:12pm 
Have a wonderful weekend! :D