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Top 10 reasons why raccooons are the best pets reason 1 : he protec but he also attac reason 2: they can regenerate limbs if you need to whip up a quick dinner you can just chop off a raccoons leg raisin 3: they're obidient. you want someone dead? your raccoon will kill them james bond style no questions asked rehab 4: raccoon piss cures cancer reasoon 5: theyre really good at video games. if you suck dick at csgo, a raccoon will carry your fat ass no problem reason 6: need protection against someone with a gun? raccoons are naturally bullet proof. end my suffering, put me out of my misery just pull the fucking trigger (reason 7): raccoons can destroy any animal in a 1v1 put a cat and a raccoon in a boxing ring, that cat'll get rekt reason 888888: bitches see you walking a dog, they ignore your ass. bitches seeing you walking a raccoon, youve scored a get out of virgin free card. 99999999999999999999999999: raccoon shit cures hepatitis and r(pixar lamp)ason 10: just look at them, they're fucking adorable even if you didnt chop off your dogs vagina this hunk of an animal would still be getting laid 10x more Boom there you go 10 reasons raccoons are the best pets. if youre still not convinced that you need a raccoon in your life then congratulations; youre probably gonna wind up a pussy ass bitch so do yourself a favor and take a bubble bath with your favorite rubber ducky and a high-voltage toaster to put yourself out of your miser-cut

Hit or miss😩😩I guess she took the kids huh😏😏she got a boyfriend, I bet she knows he beats ‘em🤛🤛💋mwa💋she lied in court and now she gets to keep them🙌🙌 I’ll get to see them once or maybe twice a week, hun👅👅

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