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Unlocked Aug 8 @ 5:10am

The Adventure Begins!

Started the game for the first time.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 10:37am

Seagull’s Secret

Discovered your spirit animal.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 11:07am


You didn’t miss them, did you…?
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 6:13am

Game Center OX

Went to the arcade with Serafina.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 6:45am

See the Light!

Won the swimming race.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 6:33am


Lost the swimming race.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 10:11am

Anything’s Possible in Your Dreams!

Made Serafina’s breasts bounce through the power of your mind.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 11:12am


Waited for 2 minutes at the right moment…
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 11:19am

The “Legend”…?

Discovered the secret of the yellow dinosaur in Bermuda shorts.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 7:08am


Achieved a “Max Combo” hit count in the massage minigame!
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 7:21am

The Letter

Got ending “A”.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 10:49am


Reached the “Hot Secret Scene”!
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 11:43am

Oppaidius Da!

Got every ending!
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 5:12am

Ok… Maybe It’s a Bit Too Much…

Set “boobage level” to 100.
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 1:59pm

Gallery Complete!

Congratulations! You unlocked every art in the game!