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About Me:

I like watching WWE, Anime (Dubbed & Subbed, depends if i'm feeling extra lazy), Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror. Pretty much anything as long as it's well written.

I support the Collingwood Magpies in the AFL (Australian Football League).
"GO THE 'PIES !!!"

PC Specs:

MOBO: Asus ROG Maximus VI Hero Z87
CPU: Intel i7 4770K @ 4.2GHz
CPU COOLER: Coolermaster V4 GTS CPU Cooler
GPU: Asus ROG GeForce GTX 1070 Strix Gaming 8GB OC
RAM: 16 GB (2x8) Corsair Vengence RAM
C:/DRIVE: Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
PSU: 750W Corsair MPSU
CASE: Corsair Graphite 600T Case (white w. black trim)
MONITOR: LG 27MP37 27" IPS FHD Monitor
KEYBOARD: Steelseries Apex 350 Keyboard
MOUSE: Razer Naga 2014
CONTROLLER: Steam Controller, Logitech Gamepad F310.

Perfect Games (100% Steam Achievements)

My 100% Games List will no longer fit in the Custom Info Box. So i've made a file on Pastebin that i'll update on the 1st of every month.
My 100% List= https://pastebin.com/tYF6nL2w
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Wildstar is really, really good fun.

Here's a short review with a few details.
It's not an in-depth review, because that'd take time away from playing Wildstar.

I've made 2 characters (limit on Free Account) so far, 1 from each Faction in the game, so i could try & get a broad spread of the storyline's & lore.
My favorite so far is my Engineer, DPS or Tank character (depends on your Gear stat's) that also has Bot's scuttling around shooting or shielding.

Wildstar is a mmorpg & uses a lot of the same mechanics (i think that's the right word? EDIT?) as WoW, but there are a few cool difference's other than Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy.

The combat is Skill-Bar based like in most mmo's, except in Wildstar every skill has what they call a telegraph, which is like an Area of Attack highlight. You need to move your character a lot. You move to make sure your telegraph is on your enemy so the attack hit's, & you need to move out of enemy telegraphs to avoid damage from their attacks.
The same applies to healing. You need to make sure that your telegraph for your healing skills is covering the player-characters you are trying to heal.
You can't just Tab target & press a skill hot-key & expect the skill to hit the target. You need to move your character, so that the telegraph is within range of the target.

As far as Free-2-Play vs. Pay-2-Win goes, from what i can tell the in-game store only has items that are either cosmetic, fancy skin's of items you can earn in-game, or Boost's that allow faster Leveling, Crafting, etc.
It seems to me that most of the Store items can be bought with the in-game currency (but i could be wrong) instead of real $'s, although you may have to grind for quite a while to be able to afford some of the fancier stuff.
Also, you get a gift everyday that you log-in. I got a Spacefaring Dagun (Wolf with a Astronaut Helmet) Pet on Day10, & the item giveaway callender isn't re-set if you miss a day like in a lot of other mmo's.

I stated playing this a few days after it came out on Steam, & since then i've missed 2 days due to commitments in-real-life. Considering it's a FREE game u may as well give it a try. I think the DL was 14GB's for those watching bandwith.

Like i said at the start, really, really good fun.
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Multi-Player Boss.
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"Sometime this archevemnt got glicthed, this glitched for a few people who have unlocked all the recipes, but don't have the trophy. The glitch seems to occur if your last unlocked recipe is the Ancient Cauldron in Mystery Recipes. To avoid
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Doc Holliday Jul 11 @ 5:16am 
Steve I'm looking for more achievement games if you have any suggestions I would much appreciate it. :wolf_1:
Harry Jul 9 @ 10:44am 
Thanks for the reply Lonewolf. It seems you are so far into D:OS EE 1 that I would be a drag. Unless I just doss around like we are playing in the same world, which could be quite cool, although I don't know if that would mean a lot of tasks I would have had to do would already be completed. We can check into it. Btw I am a few hours into the sequal and it's set thousands of years (either in the future or before) so it can be played without any relevence to the original. Also I recommend playing as one of the premades as they all have massive single based stories, that bring about some surprising events. I like the ist game, but this blows the socks off of it. In fact I struggle to think of a contender in the isometric stakes that can even be classed in the same league (modern day speaking). Maybe Deadfire? Although I have not heard much about it. Truly grat game though.
Harry Jul 8 @ 10:43am 
Also I started D OS 1 before they enhanced it. So I have not played it, and can barely remember the first (which i was only still at the first village. If you have patience, we could team up and play. The thing I like about it, is we are not bound, so we can go off on our own discoveries, or stay as a team.
Harry Jul 8 @ 10:40am 
Thanks for the reply bro. I see you have toyed with the newer stock of rpgs. Tbh they are fine enough especially Divine Original Sin 2, but we true rpg'ers know the truth of it. I just don't want the game to feel dated by the time you get around to playing them. I played the originals and new going throough Beam Dogs reworks. In truth, the magic was before they came along. It's a bit like when people tell you to play a really good action rpg, when you are in the midst of Witcher 3 - king of all rpgs. But if you know a bit about the rules of pen and paper AD&D you arre in for a masterful treat. BG1 is good, but BG2 is where the true juice lies, it changed it all forefver. Then there is Planescape:Torment, very text heavy but regarded as the gretaest story of all the rpg's. If you are waiting for the patch, I would start Planescape Torment. You can thank me when you finshed it ;)
KnightAvenger (∞Kawaii) Jul 6 @ 6:33pm 
Wishing you a relaxing weekend. ^^ :steamhappy:
ValkyrieMoon Jul 6 @ 6:25pm 
Thank You Steve, hope you have a great weekend. I been loving these emotes bud. Chat sometime soon.