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holla holla get the $$$
Competitive stuff

>Can merc soldier in open/low and scout in open<

6's :monsoon:
ETF2L season 30 [open] roamer sub for magic mangoes 16th place
ETF2L season 31 [open] pocket main caller for U.P. 4th place
ETF2L season 32 [low] (pre season map cup) pocket main caller for U.P. 2nd place
ETF2L season 32 [low] pocket main caller for U.P. 18th place
ETF2L season 33 [low] pocket for U.B. 3rd place

Highlander :drizzle:
ETF2L season 17 [open] soldier for LEG 18th place
ETF2L season 19 [mid] soldier for U.B. DNF

7's :rainstorm:
RGL EU season 2 [div 3] soldier for project restart black 3rd place
Fresh meat cup [Amateur div] soldier 4th place
RGL EU season 3 [div 3] soldier sub DNF

UGC season 7 [steel] soldier for FFA ??? place
TFNew cup 3 soldier/scout 5th place
No restriction 6s tournament 4th place
Newbieduo tournament TBD

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hey man can i seriously have a hit off of your toes my addiction is causing me to have massive withdrawal and I genuinely think i'm going to pass out if I can't get a hit. It can be a quick slurp I promise you it's only one, bro please i'm begging you. I'm actually having a breakdown over this, last night I was shaking uncontrollably due to how MASSIVE my toe addiction has gotten. Please for the love of god just one SUCK.
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Added due to your rec post.
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