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During 3rd grade i found out that I had scoliosis and I had to wear a back brace almost every day and night because my mother wanted me to have my spine fixed up quickly and which when I moved to Lockport after 5th grade, I hid my back brace and made sure I wouldn't wear it again, but then during the last few weeks of 7th grade my back started to hurt me a lot whenever I move around, I had to walk an entire school building for at least 2 weeks with that pain on my back so I can have fun and what not. After 7th grade ended and 2 months into summer break I was scheduled for a spinal-fusion-surgery on June 15th, 2015, that had a long rod that goes from my neck to my hip so my scoliosis can be fixed, which it worked out perfectly. I had to learn how to walk normally for a few months before school started, which went perfectly. Then during my sophomore year in high school, on December 8th, 2017 at 10:23AM, I slipped on the pool deck at school and I broke my hip which luckily I did not need a hip replacement and that the surgeon was at the hospital I was at because otherwise I would've been moved to a different one. I had two screws placed in my left hip so the crack won't spread out more. I was out of school for an entire 3 months and stuck at home trying to learn how to walk on my left leg again. Everything went out okay, the bone on my left hip is actually growing over the nails like as if a part of the bone was cut off.

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