Lizhong Chen   Beijing, China
Happiness is counting stars. :WhiteMagic:
Watch the stars and feel the moon. :BB_Moon:
Dear, love is that we share the same sky wherever you are. :BR_Heart:
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Happy to meet you...
Personal Statement
:BR_Heart: I am a PhD student in the Univerisity of Melbourne majoring in Statistics from China.
:BR_Heart: I am a game collector and I wish to get all the best games which I have ever played on steam.

My Favorites
:fadehearts: I love to play the solo RPG games to explore the whole world and enjoy the episodes.
:fadehearts: I also love to play the RTS and SLG games which make me more thoughtful.
:fadehearts: I am trying to complete all these games once more.
:fadehearts: I am happy to make new friends and share the experience.

:fadeheart: I am a KEY fans, deeply moved by Clannad, Air, and Kanon, hope to play all on steam one day.

:fadeheart: It is so happy to see that SAO has come to steam.:Kirito::fadehearts::Asuna::Lisbeth::Silica::Leafa:

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