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Martin   Christmas Island
I don't need sex, matchmaking fucks my asshole hard every day.

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Hey boys and girls, i am MartinDK , welcome to my profile!

Preeeetty active player on da CLWO servers!
Currently stole my moms wallet twice 4 times to donate to them!


Add me if i know you. I don't accept you if:
*Your inventory is private
*I'm not able to post comments on your profile
*You're level 0

I speak: Danish, English, a bit German.
I understand: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, a bit German.

And yes, i am trading, but i am NEVER willing to downgrade. Only equal or upgrade.

Wanna play a game with me?
-Sure, just hmu and i will surely play with you :)

How often are you on?
-Usually everyday, maybe i am doing some work :)

Which games do you play?
-I usually play CS:GO, PUBG, and a few other games :)

Want to trade with me?
-Sure, send me an offer right here

My favourite people from CSGO!
Overpowered Bait
Jojo <3

Other questions?
-Just leave a comment!

Well, have fun stranger or friend! <3

By the way, if i see you as a good friend, i'll definitely insult you on daily XD

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pays for informer get snothing. OMEGALUL
.dk Jun 8 @ 1:22pm 

good player++++++++++++++++
༺๑Bubble๑༻ May 30 @ 12:05pm 
You would not believe your toes,
If ten million small legos
Covered the floor as you try to walk,
Cause the Sharp corners everywhere
Make you jump up into the air,
I'd rather be anywhere,
But there
༺๑Bubble๑༻ May 15 @ 1:32pm 
┳┻|∧ _∧ here ...
┻┳I • ω •)
┳┻| つ つ
┻┳|ーJ' ❤️
ANTON 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Mar 12 @ 1:12pm 
nice guy :]