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Read my profile info and rules BEFORE adding me and tell in comments why please.

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info and rules
:sticky:1: no i not sell my unusuals and luger i like them myself ^^
:sticky:2: i only sell double items if i not need them ask away but do know i can say yes or no
:sticky:3: if you trade me then YES i got a steam authenticator to trade save
:sticky:4: respect me and i respect you back
:sticky:5: i'm not always online even tho my phone says i am ^^U
:sticky:6: IF you add me pls tell in comment section why
:sticky:7: no i do NOT do discount on selling my items
:sticky:8 no i not give free items to anyone anymore don't ask

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In Memory of 1 of my great friends of steam Thomas: In memory of 1 great friend who helped me in thick and thin in times of good and bad ......i wil never forget what you done for me to make my life great Thomas........may you life on in heaven watching over us and suffer no more .........i will always remember you

Thomas 19th December 2017 R.I.P

(this is to remember you Thomas .....hope you see it in heaven.)
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Fred Jan 18 @ 5:40am 
the same dude added me too :vlambeerFish:
CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo Jan 6 @ 1:13pm 
Vladimir the Bear Jan 6 @ 11:14am 
+rep good guy and a nicer version of X)
CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo Jan 4 @ 10:22am ( scammer alert) this dude added me with the following text:

CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo:
who are you and why you added me?

We really need to talk bro
I made a terible mistake with your account

CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo:
im not your bro you just added me

But i am here to warn you

CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo:
....let me guess you accidently reported my admin of a trade?
by excident?
that you reported me? and that i need to add him to undo it ?
so is that it ?
or warn me about what then?
soooooooo do i get answer ?
or not cause i see trough this trick?
(unadded me) meaning watch out peeps
ÜberPüper Dec 25, 2018 @ 8:17am 
Merry Christmas you scammer (jk everyone) xx
CRATOMAN [MSL?] / Zeldo Dec 25, 2018 @ 1:34am 
You to ^^