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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 11:25pm

Childhood Ruined

Completed Super Weasel Kid's memory.
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 11:57pm


Completed Bryce's memory.
Unlocked Aug 4 @ 3:44pm

Lousy Tenant

Completed Chandrelle's memory.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 5:55pm

Rocky Road

Completed Rust's memory.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 12:46am

Pyrrhic Victory

Completed Lazarus' memory.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 2:04am

That Was Lionel Snill

Completed ???'s memory.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 2:06am

The Hex

Opened The Hex.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 1:40am

Master Mechanic

Help Rebecha survive the first wave in Walk.

Shrewd Awakening

Discovered the truth about Mr. Shrewd.


Free Vallamir.

OK, now 1000!

Score a 1000 hit combo in Combat Arena X.

we ain't m8's

Score a true KO on Alley Gator in Combat Arena X.

No Thanks, Mr. Shrewd!

Complete the original Super Weasel Kid without any help from Mr. Shrewd.

Beginning To Feel Like A Scrap God

Buy 10 upgrades from the Scrap Shop in Waste World.

For 'Mir's Sake

Deal at least 500 damage in a single strike in Secrets of Legendaria.

360 No Scope

Perform a 360 No Scope with the sniper rifle.

Insert Coin

Crack a soda vending machine at The Six Pint.

Ice Cold

Crack all the vending machines at The Six Pint.

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