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Posted: Jul 5, 2017 @ 3:24pm
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Early Access Review
WARNING: long review, The first part explains what's in the game for those wondering. Skip to the bottom for the pros and cons. Also spoilers of what is in the game, for people who just like to explore blind.

Edit" I am updating this review since a lot of changes have been made.

Tower Unite is a fun online virtual world that is similar to Playstation Home and Pixeltail's formal game, Gmod Tower. The main features of Tower Unite are the Plaza, the Condos, and the Minigame hub.

The Plaza is the central area of Tower Unite. There are plenty of activities such as trivia, bowling and Laser Tag. It also has stores and a theater. The theater is a place where you can upload videos from youtube or your computer onto the big screen. Then people in the game can gather around and watch those videos. Another main draw of the plaza is the casino. In the casino, you have multiple options to blow your money or make big bucks. There is also fishing, rides, minigame events, etc.

The Condo is a place to make your own. You can change it from day to night, customize it with store-bought items or use the workshop to make or use community items. There are several different condo options such as an underwater condo, a highrise, a theater, etc.

The minigames are one of the biggest attractions in Tower Unite. There are a few games in the plaza, but the main games can be found from the start menu or the teleport. The game Virus is a variation of the game Infected from the Call of Duty franchise. There is Ballrun which is a competitive version of Gamecube's Super Monkey Ball. Little Crusaders is a vs game between the Knights and a dragon. Planet Panic is a capture the flag-like game with guns. Zombie Massacre is like a top-down Left 4 Dead game where you team up and kill zombies. Last but not least, Minigolf is exactly what it sounds like (and incredibly addicting.)

That's the basic of what's in the game. Now here are my personal pros and cons.

  • NO microtransactions. All your money (units) can be earned through games or gambling. The cost of items is also nicely proportional to what you earn in games. Meaning you don't have to strive extra hard to go on that shopping spree.
  • Gorgeous graphics. I'm running the game on extra high graphics, and it is beautiful. Definitely, more then I expected from a game this early in development.
  • Lots of object interactivity There is a lot to click on! You can interact with the soda machines, the television sets, etc. There are so many hidden things found in the world.
  • Plenty to do . whether it's gambling, playing plaza games, minigames, relaxing on the beach, etc, there is plenty to do. You can even buy items such as fireworks, pets, confetti guns, jetpacks, and other fun things.
  • Steam workshop. Workshop has been added since my last review which adds a whole new depth to this game. You can download any character you want to play. You can download items, condos, maps, etc.
  • Hardworking devs. The developers of Tower Unite are hard at work and constantly updating the game. They constantly post updates on their discord, twitch, Trello, and forums. You can go up to most of the early access features in the game and click on them to get a "view progress" option. This allows you to see how far along they are in the development of that feature.

  • glitches. I've run into some glitches lately. Lagging, getting stuck, characters not loading right, etc. I'm sure this is the result of a recent update and will mellow out like it usually does. The devs usually fix these issues so I wouldn't read to much into it.
  • lack of customization in character. The default characters have little to no customization. You can buy accessories for your character by playing games, but that's about it. This isn't much of a problem anymore though since you can download any character from the workshop.
  • No people/to many servers. This is my main gripe about the game. Every time I get on, no matter the time a day, the busiest server has around 15 - 30 people. It's not a very active game overall. I think it might help to reduce the number of servers so the amount of people aren't so spread out. This leads too long waiting times on minigames and just an overall sense of emptiness. It's still a fun game even with this issue, but It's definitely more fun if you play with friends.

    Overall, Tower Unite is well worth the money I spent on it. It's beautiful, addicting, and has many options for fun and creativeness. There are many new areas and games being added constantly. The negatives all stem from the fact that it is early access and will have to improve along the way. Tower Unite is worth it IF you like community-based relaxing games :)
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stef Apr 16 @ 4:05pm 
No problem! i haven't played it in a couple years but from what I've read, the devs have kept it updated. Hopefully the lobbies aren't too empty!
robilar5500 Apr 16 @ 7:35am 
I'm stoked to see someone I trust reviewed this.
Now I will go ahead and redeem my Humble copy and start playing this.
Thanks stef!
Dalek Mar 12 @ 5:59pm 
The game now has workshop support so you might want to think about changing the cons section where it says no character customisation :P
Astronautical Aug 1, 2017 @ 12:18pm 
This will totally be my back to school game to play this year
stef Aug 1, 2017 @ 11:58am 
I realized that after I wrote the review. Thanks for letting me know though, I just edited it :meadowrabbit:
Astronautical Aug 1, 2017 @ 11:33am 
Pixeltail games
Grandpa Soldier Jul 30, 2017 @ 9:27am 
You know it was made by the same people who made gmod tower right?