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About Me:
:h7crystal: Name: Sebastian
:h7crystal: Nickname: Xeno
:h7crystal: Gender: Male
:h7crystal: Age: 19 Years Old
:h7crystal: Occupation: Student
:h7crystal: Nationality: Sweden
:h7crystal: Location: Stockholm, Sweden
:h7crystal: Languages: Swedish & English
:h7crystal: Interests: Games, Music, Art, Screenshots, TV-Shows, Movies & Fashion

What I Am:
:h7crystal: PC & PS4 Gamer
:h7crystal: Game Photographer
:h7crystal: Steam Activity Feed User
:h7crystal: Screenshot Enthusiast
:h7crystal: Artworker & Reviewer
:h7crystal: Full HD & 4K Screenshot Creator
:h7crystal: Achievement᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ & Trophy Hunter

:h7crystal: When I accept friend requests, I only accept friendly & polite people that respect one another.
:h7crystal: I also usually accept friend requests from individuals I have something in common with.
:h7crystal: Please don't comment or write bad things that might hurt either mine or other peoples feelings.
:h7crystal: Nowadays I very rarely trade but when I actually do, I only accept fair 50/50 trade offers.
:h7crystal: If you send any types of suspicious links I will have to remove you from my Steam friend list.
:h7crystal: This is my only account on this game platform so if someone else says they are me, it is not true.
:h7crystal: I do not accept private profiles but sometimes I make exceptions if I know the person well enough.

:h7crystal: Online: Feel free to message me at any time, I'm always happy to chat with y'all.
:h7crystal: In-Game: It might take some time for me to reply back to you at this moment.
:h7crystal: Away: I'm currently away but I'll try to respond as fast as possible when I'm available again.
:h7crystal: Offline: I am probably most likely either outside, doing school work or sleeping.
:h7crystal: Do Not Disturb: I won't be able to see your message straightaway but I will write back when I can.

:h7crystal: PSN: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: Xbox Gamertag: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: Social Club: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: Uplay: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: BattleTag: Xenolith3D#2480
:h7crystal: Origin: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: GOG Galaxy: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: Epic Games: Xenolith3D

Social Media:
:h7crystal: Twitter: Xenolith3D
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:h7crystal: Flickr: Xenolith3D
:h7crystal: Reddit: Xenolith3D
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The time has finally come for me personally to write a (spoiler free) review about one of my favorite games of all time (Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition). It has been such a great journey playing this game and all I can say is that I haven't played a game like this one where you both have such a great character bonding and story. There aren't many games out there that has got me this emotionally invested into a game before and this one was definitely one of them. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is a JRPG, RPG, Action, Open World and Fantasy game developed by Square Enix Business Division 2, published by Square Enix, produced by Shinji Hashimoto, directed by Hajime Tabata, written by Saori Itamuro, Akiko Ishibashi, Takumi Nishida and Kazushige Nojima, produced by Shinji Hashimoto and composed by Yoko Shimomura. Final Fantasy XV originally came out November 29, 2016 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and after 15 months I've been waiting a long time for this masterpiece of a game to finally arrive to PC. The game is a Final Fantasy game for both fans and first-timers and it is the latest installment in the franchise. The Windows Edition does not only include the base game but also all the major DLC's content added to it like a definitive edition. But the Windows Edition also adds a few new features besides the DLC's like the Gordon Freeman Outfit with the Crowbar, Mods, NVIDIA GameWorks features, NVIDIA Ansel Support, First-Person Mode, 4K Resolution Pack, Graphic Enhancements, a new ability called "Armiger Unleashed", a Royal Vessel to drive around and explore the waters, a more expanded version of the Insomnia Ruins with two new boss fights and future content that will arrive in 2018 / 2019.


For me personally I think this game has an amazing rich story which has both emotional and happy moments in it. This game is a standalone game and does not connect with any of the previous titles in the franchise. The game takes place on an earth called Eos and the story is about crown prince Noctis Lucis Caelum son to King Regis Lucis Caelum and his long-time friends Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum and Gladiolus Amicitia. This game is not about the destination but about the journey and you can really feel the realistic bond between these four individuals and that's what's makes this game so unique. The games main protagonist Noctis who is crown prince of the Kingdom of Lucis and has many different task to conquer. I think Noctis is a really good and strong main game protagonist with full of emotional feelings.

Open World:

The world in Final Fantasy XV is just simply amazing in my opinion and has a lot of things to explore. To be honest I never feelt at any specific point where I felt bored because of the things you can do. It looks very beautiful and unique in it's on cool way, especially when you and your four buddies drive around the open world in the beautiful Regalia. That's not the only way to get around in the world, you could also fly in the Regalia type F or drive off-road with the Regalia type D. There are multiple different activities that you can do around the world like and a few of them is cooking, photography, fishing, side quests, explore Dungeons, fly or drive the Regalia, collect all the accessories, participate in the Altissa Monster Arena, play Justice Monsters Five, accept monster hunts and of course ride Chocobo's etc.


The real-time combat with new weapons, summons, skills and magic in this game is really well made and I really find it a lot of fun and simplistic in a good way. The combat is not that difficult to understand so after you've played a while you will get into it and learn it pretty fast.


The game is very well optimized and runs fantastically smooth. I haven't met any types of issues like fps drops or stuttering or bugs. So, when it comes to the overall gameplay and mission structure I think Square Enix Business Division 2 did a very good job with it though I have to say that there can be a few side quests that can be a bit repetitive because you do the same thing over and over again, but other than that I would say that there is not that much grind in this game at all besides only a few side quests. And another little thing I found that was less good was that you can't save while in Dungeons but that might be because to make the game harder and more challenging.


The game looks very beautiful and the environment in this game looks amazing. This game is pretty demanding though you if you have a low end PC you can tweak either the game settings or maybe check any of the great performance guides in Steam to help you out.


I think FFXV's soundtrack is amazing and has one of the best soundtracks to a game that I've ever experienced. The game has also many different soundtracks from the previous titles in the franchise of Final Fantasy. Listening to older Final Fantasy game soundtracks through your car or the MP3 is just a blast while exploring.


The DLC's for this game is really good and there is four major DLC called Episode: Gladious, Prompto, Ignis and then there is the Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades. The three episodes are told very well and it's cool to play as Gladious, Prompto and Ignis in them. Comrades is also a lot of fun and I had a blast creating my own avatar and play with three other friends. In Comrades both you and your team play as members of the Kingsglaive and your task is to fight epic battles and take on great quest. For me personally I think the Ignis DLC is the best one so far because of the story and I can't wait to play the other episodes that will come in 2018/2019.


We the players just as well got the option to play this game with mods and I love games that has mod support to them, makes the game live longer. I have tried a few outfits and weapons mods thus far but at the moment there is not that many mods because the mod support for FFXV just got released a few weeks ago. But there will be more mods to come and I'm happy to see what the creative community has to create and share to us.

Final Conclusion:


+ Amazing rich story with likable main characters.
+ A large wonderful open world with beautiful graphics.
+ Perfect real-time combat system.
+ A game with massive amount of content.
+ Amazing soundtrack.
+ Mod support.


- A few repetitive side quests.
- Can't save while in Dungeons.

I'll give this game a strong 10/10 and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes JRPG, RPG or Open World games. This game is one of a kind and has exactly in my opinion what a game should be like, a good combat system, great gameplay, an amazing story, a lot of content worth your time, a great main protagonist and a beautiful open world. So, for 49,99 EUR I would say it is definitely worth picking it up since you get a good game with so much content and even future content in 2018 / 2019.





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