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Rule 1006.5 in the RGL Global Rules states that should a team who has won a division want to play in that same division, the mains mustn't play on the same roster, "individually, the starting players (mains) can still play in the same division, but not on the same roster."

Global RGL rules:

However, this team, has 4 of the same main players as their previous team, who had previously won AM. The same 4 players also got second place in MAIN in S6 . They were permitted to play AM again in S8 which is a direct violation of the formerly stated rule and are not med restricted despite being Advanced level.
Does this have anything to do with the fact that Fluey, an RGL admin happens to be on this team or did the admins happen to miss the fact that they were on a past roster. We must also ask why Fluey, the IM 6s admin said nothing about this.

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dog doing?
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Number 5: man gets racist after getting airshot on spire in mge. A man of unknown origin was seen typing vulgar, racist slurs in the chat of the video game Team Fortress 2 after getting beaten in a match of mge. It is known that the specific event which took place which caused the man to eventually break was the moment in which he got shot by a rocket launcher mid air, which is a technique requiring a somewhat decent level of skill in context of the game. This infuriated the man, prompting him to verbally attack his opponent through the use of the "n word", a vulgar racial slur. He also exclaimed how his skill level was much higher than that of his opponents, by pointing out that he had over 2000 experience points on the server.
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Riddle me this, Batman, how much elo can you loose in 1 MGE on Badlands Spire?