500 經驗值
SmiteyBubble 1 月 27 日 下午 4:15 
this didn't age well for hiero
= ocu = Urirakan 2019 年 9 月 8 日 下午 1:10 
gay are mods
Hiero 2019 年 9 月 8 日 下午 1:08 
Mods r gay
(´・ω・`) 2018 年 4 月 16 日 下午 12:15 
Gravy is just a cheap tactic to make dry turkey moister.
driz 2018 年 2 月 25 日 上午 9:06 
I understand. I know all too well that I am not fit to be the heroine of any story, let alone this one. However, a question does fester within my brain, a veritable canker of the soul. Why is that the heroine and you, who has her own section... Why are you so mammary deficient?
(´・ω・`) 2018 年 2 月 25 日 上午 7:02 
7 sins is too much tbh
just combine wrath and gluttony and make hangry