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Personal Achievements


Gain a Level up

Level 10

Reach Level 10

Level 20

Reach Level 20

Level 30

Reach Level 30

Level 40

Reach Level 40

In A Different Class

Spend a Talent Point in one of the talent trees.

Fully Specialized

Spend 31 points in a single talent tree.

Time Well Spent

Spend 50 hours playing Eldevin.

How Time Flies

Spend 250 hours playing Eldevin.

Ready for Business

Equip one item in every equipment slot.

All Prettied Up

Equip an item in every vanity slot.

Othalo Guardhouse

Defeated all bosses inside the Othalo Guardhouse.

The Boondocks

Defeated all bosses inside The Boondocks.

The Vault

Defeated all bosses inside The Vault.

Ohdar Scar

Defeated all bosses inside Ohdar Scar.

Garai Coliseum

Defeated all bosses inside Garai Coliseum.

Secluded Valley

Defeated all bosses in Secluded Valley.

Temple of the Three

Defeated all bosses in Temple of the Three.

Terenul Rosu

Defeated all bosses in Terenul Rosu.

Bochdaen Tombs

Defeated all bosses in Bochdaen Tombs.

Rumble's Grotto

Defeated all bosses in Rumble's Grotto.

The Apprentice

Gain level 10 in all 14 different professions.

The Professional

Gain level 30 in all 14 diffferent professions.

An Avid Adventurer

Explore the 5 main world areas.

The Eldevin Mint

Complete all 3 Eldevin Coin achievements.

Hard Harvest

Harvest 10000 items from the Wilderness.

Player Betrayer

Get 10000 Player Kills in the Wilderness.

Rookie Trialist

Compete in a "Trial of the Champions".

500 Waves Attempted

Attempt a total of 500 waves in "Trial of the Champions".


Defeated an enemy in PvP combat.


Be part of the Winning team in a PvP Battleground.

Never Surrender

Complete 100 PvP Battlegrounds.