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Posted: Mar 23, 2017 @ 6:32pm
Updated: Mar 23, 2017 @ 6:38pm

Simple and short review: If you're looking for a JRPG, look no further than Einlanzer.


Sit on down and let me tell you about a JRPG called Einlanzer...

So here I am, natural lover of all JRPG's. I'm talking old school JRPG, during the dawn of JRPG's. I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a good one. When I played back in the day on the good ol' PS1, I played a game called Suikoden (perhaps you've heard of it/played it), and that game was literally BOMB AF, (one of my all time favorite games) but you know.. with time it got erased from my presence. I tried World's Dawn (on steam) and it's fair enough. I beat it in like two days, so not really for me, I like a challenge. I'm thinking maybe there's just no more good JRPG's in the world, but HOLD YOUR HORSES BECAUSE WE FOUND EINLANZER.

Einlanzer channels Suikoden on so many levels, and I'm loving every second.

What I like:
---> Turn-based combat
---> Gathering new characters with new skills
---> Ability to swap your formation to play who you want within the characters you've collected
---> Mechanics
---> Plot is pretty decent with some OK character development but don't come looking for anything deep and meaningful (See #2 on my list of improvements)
---> Map layout
---> Difficulty (I'm guessing it takes about 60-70 hours to finish *ON EASY* and that's w/o doing side quests.. you have the option for easy, medium, hard)
---> Side Quests
---> Price (so cheap for a good game)

What could be improved:
---> When leveling up a character, you don't get to decide which stats are raised, or which new skills you get to learn.. they're just automacially decided for you (don't get me wrong, the stats/skills are still pretty much what I would've chosen had I been given an option anyways)
---> Dialogue. Some of this dialogue makes me roll my eyes, but nevertheless keeps me interested. You can tell it's written for/by a less mature audience. (Rated E)

No game is perfect, and Einlanzer certainly isn't any different, but it is DEFINITELY worth buying and playing.
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