The ImposterT
Texas, United States
I tend to be random somtimes and im nice :P
If you send me a friend request tell me why in the comments please.
(Also dont give me a keyboard at 4:35 am or i start making lengthy reviews(also make a lengthy summary section and become a grammer nazi (not a full blown grammer nazi))
also my unusual is not for sale :/ srry if you want to trade for it, but we can still be friends and have fun :D
SCAMMER/Hijackers/Phishers BEGONE and BOTS BEGONE :dustpan:
The ImposterT Jun 17 @ 11:13pm 
Self Medicated Jun 17 @ 10:40pm 
heeeyyyayyyyayyyy ay ayyy
Self Medicated Jun 17 @ 10:40pm 
and i say
YAGOR May 20 @ 9:12pm 
Very good person, great to play with. +rep :)
Dismal Spectre Dec 29, 2015 @ 12:22am 
Got a screenshot of you as engi with your unusual hat standing next to a minisentry with an unusual hat too. Cheers! :D
The ImposterT Mar 7, 2015 @ 4:43pm 
I do enjoy the picture and thx :P