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Yes it hurt when I fell from heaven. \=w=/

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Angelic Angel♥ Jun 10 @ 2:17pm 
Alright, thank you very much.
Your Everyday Gardevoir Jun 10 @ 1:38pm he's an imposter.

The link on his profile just leads to the backpack of the person he's impersonating. Also, he has a comment saying his backpack is private to prevent beggers. This is obviously not true, his backpack is private because he's a marked scammer.

The entire purpose of the guide was to give you a way to check this for yourself. I put a disclaimer very early on in the guide to NOT trust the link THEY give you, but rather to find their real backpack using the guide process. Next time, read a bit more closely so you can do this on your own. I got you out of this one, I can't do it every time though.
sequence freezing Jun 7 @ 9:28am 
Angelic Angel♥ Jun 7 @ 8:53am 
You're "❤ Happy wife❤ Happy life ❤" :p.
Red Jun 7 @ 8:20am 
You're not 'the true angel' your angel e.e
Angelic Angel♥ Jun 3 @ 8:05pm 
vv There can only be one "Angel" and that's me, lol. :)