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Aug 18 @ 1:44pm
In topic Development
Originally posted by 281cubicinch:
Well that developer resonse was ominous. Guess I for one will not be getting Star control then. If they ditch released games in favor of neww IPs this quick, how long will StarControl last? Seems Ashes has plenty of support still, so why cut it off? Am I smelling some EA tactics brewing?
Stardock are well known for supporting their games long term, but the money for development has to come from somewhere.
Aug 3 @ 12:56pm
In topic any mods?
Probably won't be fixed for a while, I don't think you can do much else to fix it unfortunately.
Try it in DX11 and keep the build quality down.
Jun 28 @ 9:32am
In topic Not Able To Download (Solved)
Does the laptop have a 64 bit version of Windows?
May 13 @ 9:31am
In topic Opinion about the game
If you click on a relay an ally AI has taken you should be able to claim it.
May 9 @ 2:33pm
In topic sorry ... the game does not start
Originally posted by marco.schisy:
already tried to start the game avoiding the "extra" screen (with plays etc etc.)
but anyway it does not start ...
question ... my monitor reaches 1600x900 .... can not this be the problem? It seems to me exaggerated
AV is anti virus.

1920x1080 is the minimum resolution, but that shouldn't stop the game from launching. What version of Windows are you using?
I'm not really sure what you're trying to achieve with this thread.

They've always been polite and helpful on the Ashes forums.
Mar 1 @ 1:36am
In topic Delete Classic?
It's safe to uninstall it.
Feb 22 @ 5:42am
In topic Combined faction mod
I'll probably release an update for it on Saturday.
Feb 18 @ 10:14am
In topic Vulcan -> forced to use latest drivers
What OS are you on?
Feb 16 @ 4:10am
In topic ASHES DEV JOURNAL: February 2018
I think adding a couple of tracked or walker units to PHC and Substrate would be a good idea for art and gameplay purposes.

If I remember correctly, the UEF, Aeon and Seraphim had at least one of each movement type (Cybran don't have hover units) and all 4 of the factions used two or more types heavily in their units.
Feb 11 @ 2:39am
In topic How to install mods?
Try starting up the game first and then look.
Feb 6 @ 5:10pm
In topic How to Jam?
The problem with orbital nullifiers is that if they're in a big army they won't cover the front, so you can still get nuked there.
Feb 6 @ 3:12pm
In topic Game badly optimized, it's shameful.
Originally posted by Mac:
What they are pushing to people right now is the unecessary 4k (human eye can't even see this resolution)

Nothing of this is "conspiratory theory", it is just logic!
Feb 6 @ 12:10pm
In topic Game badly optimized, it's shameful.
Originally posted by Mac:
I pirated it

I think it's time this thread was locked.
Feb 5 @ 4:04am
In topic Random Map Generator?
Originally posted by Ticktoc:
Well, I did take a look at the map maker many moons ago. Unfortuneatly it was pretty buggy and still is to this day apparently. You can learn them and work around them but I'm not THAT keen :)

A while back I had the impression some people had made loads of maps, but you still need that way to share them between all in a convenient manner.

It's been fairly stable for me, especially compared to other people, I guess I'm just lucky with it.

I think Escalation has a lot of maps and there's a good bit of variety in them. That and no workshop are probably the main reasons why there's a small amount of community created maps.

When the air transports come, it'll open up some new options for map making and so will naval (if it happens).
Feb 5 @ 3:34am
In topic Can't capture dead ally's points?
If you click on the relay does it give the option to take it?
Feb 3 @ 8:06am
In topic Setting waypoints in multiplayer
It should be above the top right corner of the mini map and I think it only shows up in multiplayer.
Feb 3 @ 4:57am
In topic Random Map Generator?
Originally posted by Ticktoc:
I'm not expecting a random map generator to ever appear for this game, but I agree with the sentiment. I get bored with the same maps after a while so I'm looking forward to in-game/workshop map sharing, should it come at some point.
You can make some maps yourself Ticktoc :P
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