Mark Max K. (มาร์ค)   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Don't worry, boys... []


when you accidently find a pedophile site. []

thank you for the rwby cards! []

" when am i gonna get boobs "

ellie plz no


(-Other stuff-)

Ooh, Kiss Players, you dirty, dirty continuity... []

thats not how you use school emails um []

(Not a screenshot because my computer doesn't know how to and so I had to use a phone.)

I miss the old Kanye...

I don't know how an article managed to make feel disgusted, wow. []

let me help []

Personally, that's my favorite part of Xanax.

Yeah, okay. That's nice, buddy. []


death to the infidels

You want a chair? Yeah, well here's about a good few hundred of 'em. []

Manufactoring. No, no. That's not how you pronounce it. Say it with me:
manu-fuck-turing. Say it as if you're in middle of a stroke.

my anthem (and also funeral music) []
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u right
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this nigga rarted
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u right
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fat fucker