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To summerize me in a single sentence, it'd be something like..
"Gay Porn SFM Artist that is a pyro-main."

(A Youtube Video on Jailbreak)

I *do* Take commissions! Hit me up if you're Interested!

Usually i just point and laugh at scammers, But it's gotten so annoying with all of them that i just get physically irritated when i see one.
So Shut it if you're just looking to Take my hard-earned money.

What's my Aesthetic? Pink. And synthwave, and Pink again and even more pink.

50% of the Artworks on my Steam account are old and outdated, I'm gonna fix that issue but I'm just too lazy ngl.
The most recently posted ones are the most recently made ones.

"Just a man trying to be chill in a place where everyone screams" That'd be my tagline.
Alright, That's enough about me for a day. See ya lads and lasses later.
If you have any questions about me, ask in the Comments~
Random Q 'n A
Here's the Q 'N A that you wanted to read.

Question 1: Are you a Furry?

Not ideally, But I *Do* Have an owl as an OC. But I wouldn't prace around the TF2 servers claiming that i'm a Furry, No.
I still love them, They're the good ones.

Question 2; Why do i Recognize you?

I'm in alot of places and i change my Name/Pfp alot. So it wouldn't be too much of a coincidence if we've met Before. And everyone recognizes my Voice, for some odd reason.

Question 3: Are you in a Certain Group of people?

If you consider a Fempyro TF2-Fetish discord art server a "certain group of people", Then hell yeah i am.
(I love all of you who are in that server btw<3)

Question 4; So you make alot of SFM ♥♥♥♥♥. Why is that?

Mainly Cause i don't have any other talent. And i make this stuff for fun. Even though i struggle with Motivation problems.

Question 5: Any specific future plans?

The only one is to move in with my boyfriend.

Question 6: How do you Treat people that you don't know?

With kindness, I treat everyone equally, Mainly because i know that we're all just human, We're all people behind computer screens sharing the same moment(s) together. So i want those moments to be positive rather than negative.

Question 7: Where do you dwell?

TF2 Jailbreak or Deathrun. You'll mostly find me there. And often in

Question 8; Favorite style?

Sythwavey Stuff. Anything Outrun or Retro. Anything retrowavey is right up my Ass--- Alley.

Question 9; Please, just shut up already, Can you?

If you want me to shut it, tell me in the game. I'll listen.

Question 10; Religious?

Hell naw. I'm gay as ♥♥♥♥ and i don't have any specific religion.

Alrighty, That should do it.
Honestly, playing TF2 and interacting with the Community has made me learn alot.
And i wish to help you feel the same.
And if you have more time on your hands, since you read this essay worth of a Summary - Consider leaving a comment on my profile. Thank you very much~
Artwork Showcase
You deserve it~
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makes sense, cheers for your time.
melmelmelmelmelmelmel Jun 1 @ 9:59am 
No mod for Pyro. I just don't wanna put up with missing textures when in a server without sv_pure on.
which pyro model do you use? i usually use the femme pyro mod.
PrettyPleaseNo May 30 @ 11:08am 
An amazing person that do amazing stuff! I hope everything goes well for you in the future my friend. :steamhappy:
idk just gonna friend you because you're a youtuber i like and ig it would be cool to be friends
Pyromania #SaveTF2 May 27 @ 6:40pm 
Adding you cuz why not plus mutual friends