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Hello There, I am just a Random Game Collector/ Achievement Hunter , i liked fun games, I liked games with 100+ achievements even MOAR ! Feel free to add me as your friend if you saw some "Similar game" we had and need help with

Open For GD Item trading, Or Join the Official Discord Server here

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So many build possibilities, so little time ( what you need, AoM, FG , Crucible Expansion, reason later, and rmb to take breaks n remember you're a human being while playing)

The Perfect ARPG if you are a fan of Diablo-type players, tons of loot, build options, game is not about Achievements itself, but what can you do with your favourite skills in the game

If you need help looking for the item to make your life easier in the game, come to the Official Discord ( https://discord.gg/bRxy5ks ) You're welcome

Now here we go

1) A Fk tons of build varieties due to a fk ton of Item set and class combination

2) If you get a set of item, they can make changes such as damage type for that skill you liked, Etc Justicar Set is good for fire/ physical but focus on Soilder class due to Skill's modifier, but It still supports both Warlord and Commando

3) Other than Skill Modifier, you get Devotion skills, that would be your "Tier 3" build, so you got 2 class combination with Different Devo possibilities , again, A Justicar Set supported Commando can be either Range, 2H melee, Sword n Board but with a different setup of Devo skills if you wished to try it out and see which one suits your playstyle

4) Old game but still getting updated/ supported by Devs, and those Patch notes isn't what you normally see as in "Bugs Fixed BS", but a Post from Forum with like 50 lines of changes

5) This game wants to Enslave you LUL , you got stash for other "Toons" for what you collected in the game and wished to do even more build and pour your time in

6) Supported by awesome Mods Such as ( Grim Internals for information, Grim Dawn Item Assistant for Infinite Storage spaces for ya'll hoarders , Reign of Terror ~ a.k.a Diablo 2 in GD

7) Handcrafted map/dungeon, meaning that map layout is always the same (consistent)

8) Easily respectable skills / devotions , so if yo messed up your skills or devo, you don't need to worry about refunding, but not for selected class with points invested

9) Devs know players are gonna hungry for more build for trying things out, there's Exp Potions / Reputation Paper / Merits ( from Forgotten Gods DLC) so you can get them to speed up your progress next time for others Toons

10) Purposeful progression every time you leveled up, etc, at Level 50, you get to use Legendary item, and they will start to drop, level 75 , 80, 85 , 90, 94

11) There's a Trade channel in the Discord community, also a group of HC Twitch streamers who stream GD from time to time, well, the community is a bit small but it felt good n awesome

12) A deep crafting system, collects Blueprint, Craft a fk tons of components, Craft Helmets, Transmute item to get full set ( Forgotten Gods DLC) although Relic Crafting is a pain in the ass

Cons: (Not Really)

1) Lack of "League" system... no reset, so did not draw hundreds of thousands of players like in PoE...but this game is meant for the players to take their time, so fine by me

2) The "Real game " starts at Level 94.. that's probably a bad thing but...it kinda gives you some Goals and purpose for a build you are going for, etc, got a suitable item for build no.6, so you get back to build no.6 so you can equip it

In conclusion... I never wrote a Review that's this long...but still, thanks for Reading,10/10 I Love Grim Dawn, Jesus, I gave 12 pros and 2 extra pros for this game

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It cool 😎