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A femboy whose obsessed with Loona   United States
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Name : Zoey
Hair :color hot pink hair ref https://www.deviantart.com/omar-dogan/art/SFV-Laura-Hidden-Gems-003-581009171
Fur: Red Paws : white nails pink eyes brown nose black nipple color purple
Gender: Male, Femboy

Sexuality: Bisexual

: Birthday: June 11th

: Relationship: Single But no smokers or durnkers

:I make vaporwave music vaporwave name Blank.Zoey

:Favorite color crimson red blacl and hot pink

: I don,t tell my age at all

:Species red wolf

:Hes step sister Ariel shes a pink Golden Retriever

:Zoeys likes vaporwave hot warm showers todays fasion 80s and 2010s/2020s music

Zoeys favorite Food Mostly Fired Chicken . Cocolate milk soda pizza

Zoeys dislikes ketchup musterd mayo spicy hard shell taco that makes u choke anny vegtabels and some fruits and chores

This is my first video that turn me into a furry https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-PKNuZovuSw

Favorite games infamous 2 lbp2 garys mod cod games mosly portal 2

Zoey dose not like to be alone in hes house/apt.

Thank uWu for know all about me.. https://soundcloud.com/zoeyvaporwave55
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:kiss: Another Friday, another long weekend F*ck at the hotel~ :kiss:
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what's sup femboy! *smiles* :3
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Happy Valentines day!:lunar2019piginablanket:
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:kiss::pinkheart: Valentine's for Fűcking, not for Loving :pinkheart::kiss:
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