Medic Olkie
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Medic Olkie: yooo
Medic Olkie: howya doin
The Eater of Worlds: idk
Medic Olkie: thats always a great sign
The Eater of Worlds: i think one of my friends is dead.
Medic Olkie: well
Medic Olkie: i
Medic Olkie: didnt really need to know that
Medic Olkie: but why do you think hes dead?
The Eater of Worlds: shes*
Medic Olkie: irl or in-game?
Medic Olkie: ohhhh
The Eater of Worlds: one of my steam friends
Medic Olkie: well like i said why do you think this?
The Eater of Worlds: they threatended to kill themself if i won the contest
The Eater of Worlds: aaand...
The Eater of Worlds: i did beat them.
The Eater of Worlds: and theyve ben offline
The Eater of Worlds: for ove
The Eater of Worlds: r
The Eater of Worlds: 24 hours
The Eater of Worlds: and their never offline that long
Medic Olkie: well holy shit
The Eater of Worlds: oh well
Medic Olkie: what the acttuall fuck?
Medic Olkie: i have a couple friends that havent been online for over 1 yr
The Eater of Worlds: same
The Eater of Worlds: here
Medic Olkie: well i guess imma play some unturned

Thats an actual conversation that I had with my friend.
Here's the last conversation i've had with that said friend.

I QUIT: i quit
I QUIT: i just
I QUIT: i quit
Medic Olkie: ??
Medic Olkie: am i the first person you tell your problems to?
I QUIT: no
Medic Olkie: just wondering
Medic Olkie: anyway,
Medic Olkie: wat
I QUIT: im quitting
I QUIT: i quit steam
Medic Olkie: Woah Woah Woah, WHY?
I QUIT: its to personal to tell you
Medic Olkie: hm
Medic Olkie: understandable
Medic Olkie: well
Medic Olkie: this may be the last steam conversation i have with you.

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thats not nice lol its not good