Homo Hans
Anton   Lystrup, Arhus, Denmark
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Pobus May 25 @ 6:39am 
Hi, our team went to the finals of a decent tournament, but our player will not be able to take part in this match, we urgently need a stand-in who can replace him.
If we win this tournament, you will receive about $600~
Add my main account, if you're ready to compete https://steamcommunity.com/id/Loakus
Weekly Giveaway May 11 @ 3:08am 
Congratulations! Luck is on your side today! You are the special winner of our giveaway! Get your Butterfly Knife on world-vvinner.pro Use the " Knife " promo code.

Added for team talk)^_^<33
🤶🤶Well played🎅🎅
🤶🤶This guy is pro!🎅🎅


empire Apr 3 @ 2:50pm 
Dear winner
Your SteamID is selected as winner of Weekly giveaway.
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AIMBITION™ Giveaway Mar 16 @ 4:06am 
Congratulations you became the winner of our giveaway and your prize is a M9 Bayonet | Marble Fade ! All you have to do is to go on empire-gift.fun and use the FADE promo code!
Rainbow Mar 9 @ 8:46am 
-rep cheats