I'm a self-taught PC artist/game developer, creating 2D/3D art and music/sounds for games, using a variety of software, such as ZBrush 4R6, 3D Coat, Kontakt, Vue 10, Substance Designer Indie Pack, iClone Pro, iClone 3DXChange pipeline, UU3D Pro, Paintshop Photo Pro, CorelDraw, Bryce, Truespace, FL Studio, Audacity, The Gimp, and a few other programs.

One of my first finished games was BRIXOID, some kind of Arkanoid clone, programmed in DBPro (Dark Basic Professional). There are plenty of other personnal (unfinished) game projects I've worked on, but i'm currently concentrating on a couple of major projects. One of them is 'Seventh Crystal Of Theia' by Rimfrost Software, made in Unity Pro.

Another big game project that i'll be working on is Phobia, by Narcoleptic Studios.

In my spare time, i create game art, music (mainly metal, but also other music genres such as electro, horror, ambient, symphonic, and many others), i play billiards and play electrical guitar.
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