Shadow Nutt~
Nirelly   Canada
I eat a fuckton of rice at the end of night to preserve
my asian. Comment before adding me plz. (Just to avoid bots and such, also fuck off Luke lol)
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Its yo boi, Nutted~. A fucking "weeb" I'll make all the most racist and sexual jokes I want. Fuck you.

Don't bug me about trading unless I am the first to ask. Please don't add me without commenting unless we've played recently (Serves as a reminder).

About me (Because apparently steam is myspace or facebook)

Gender: Whatever I feel like
Name: No.
Age: Underaged. Have fun nerds.
Personality = Big

I swear a lot, say a lot of crazy outlandish stuff. I act like a dick most of the time unless your cool in my books.

I like games
Smash Bros Ultimate (Its the only fighting game I am "ok" at
DST (Because I enjoy playing survival games unoptimally)
TF2 (Best game)
Town of Salem (Mostly troll and shit about)
Fire Emblem (Its a good franchise. And I hate it. Thats what it takes to be a true fan)
Most Nintendo Games (Nintendo isnt your friend)

I liek anime
Mostly watch mainstream crap.

I enjoy running various youtube channels that all died (Except FS Smash)
Cutting Air:
If you are into underaged voices. Go here
Aka Viper:
mObIle ePic gAmERs
FFS Smash:
Smash Bros Ultimate Machinima and Gameplay

Favorite Game
Ѵнїтмїяє Apr 16 @ 6:56pm 
no u
Rikito Apr 16 @ 6:25pm 
Added since you've commented in my profile like a year ago and I'm a friendless loser.
Shadow Nutt~ Apr 9 @ 9:57pm 
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Scopes Apr 7 @ 6:29pm 
Met on slender fortress UwU
Shadow Nutt~ Apr 5 @ 6:43pm 
creme de la♥♥♥♥♥♥