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Mr. Box   Ontario, Canada
I'm 100% not Mr. Box. There is absolutely no reason for you to even think I am Mr. Box. The very fact that you would think that I am Mr. Box is insulting, we look nothing alike.

also sonic is my bf
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useless facts that you should read
:SonicManiaGoldRing: I'm Not Mr. Box. There use to be a man known as Mr. Box, he doesn't exist anymore

:SonicManiaSonic: The story of how Mr. Box stopped existing is a long and boring one, so don't worry about it.

:SonicManiaGoldRing: I did not murder Mr. Box

:SonicManiaSonic: H E lp Me

:SonicManiaGoldRing: I use to admin a gmod breach server, but not anymore.

:SonicManiaSonic: I forget names and people really easily, so sorry if i can't remeber yours.

:SonicManiaGoldRing: I pretty much only play TF2 on this account, sometimes some other shit

:SonicManiaSonic: Though I have 3000 hours in TF2, i'm still fucking trash at it.

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Some other games I like are Hoi4, Cities Skylines, Civ V, SCP SL, and most paradox games.

:SonicManiaSonic: currently married to sonic

:SonicManiaGoldRing: I'm not a furry for liking sonic games (Sonic Mania was a good game, fight me)

:SonicManiaSonic: You can add me if we play together for a while, though I probably will forget to accept.

:SonicManiaGoldRing: Your free to ask for the link to my spray if you want I guess.

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-rep, You little♥♥♥♥♥♥there can only be one box related name.
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